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  1. can't of course ! The problem is that the program with the battery level can't find APM support. So I have a link (HOWTO) to solve the problem. In this link it says I must recompile the kernel.
  2. I don't want to configure internet I want to choose an access point.
  3. Hello ! During the Mandrake 10 installation it asks me CD 4. In the FTPs I have visited there only 3 CDs !!! Have someone a link for the CD4 ?
  4. Hello ! I have 2 Netgear WIFI cards in my PC under Mandrake 10 a MA111 usb (prism3) not detected at all and a MA521 (RealTek) detected but I can't configure it. In the graphical hardware list of the Mandrake 10 I have I button to configure it manually, I choose the driver in the list but it returns to the previous screen so I never finish the configuration. How should I do ?
  5. Hello ! I have a very curious problem ! I have installed Mandrake 10 but I can't see the battery level of my laptop. A friend have it without doing anything !!! It says I must go in the HOWTO for APM If have understood I must recompile the kernel and reinstall it. How should I do ?
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