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  1. Different # of CDs

    I didn't know where EasyLinuxcds were based and according to Laptopgadget it seems that their postal service really suxs! Well, 16 days have passed since I ordered MDK 10 with Easylinuxcds and have got nothing yet! I live in SouthAmerica and usually get my stuff in 7 to 10 days from the US, even from the UK but it seems that it takes forever ordering stuff from CA. Have contacted them about this problem and hope they give me a solution.
  2. Desktop Firewall

    Just to say THANKS! Both softwares are pretty good. Of course I will be switching between both in the months to come! Salamandra
  3. Desktop Firewall

    OK. I have just downloaded it and will begin the installation. Have to get familiarized with my new toy. Wish me luck.. :P
  4. Desktop Firewall

    Thanks so much jdion81! I have just visited it's website and found the RPM for Mandrake 9.1 which I think will work on 9.2 too. I will give it a try. Thanks again.
  5. Desktop Firewall

    Hi to everyone. I was wondering if there is a Desktop firewall available for Mandrake Linux. Similar to ZoneAlarm, Sygate or BlackIce in windows. Because if you go to Sygate website or any other security website and try their tests is for sure that will tell that even though the ports are blocked they should appear as invisible for stopping hacking attempts. I know there is a Mandrake Network Firewall but I am looking for a Desktop version. Does anybody use or have heard about one? Regards. Salamandra.
  6. Download Community now!

    A friend of mine in the US is downloading it via FTP (using CuteFTP) and in just 8 hours could finally download 2 of the 3 CD images using a 256k connection. I will wait till my pack from easylinuxcds arrive :D Regards Salamandra
  7. Download Community now!

    Note: moved to everything linux by tyme Mandrake 10 is now ready for download. :D Lucky you guys with broadband connections! http://www.mandrakelinux.com/en/ftp.php3
  8. virus scan windoze

    I've been using escan for 6 months now and I am happy with the results. It doesn't consume so much system resources and the daily updates are pretty fast. One of the things to point is that it doesn't have the anti-spyware, anti-dialer and anti-joke features yet. That it's real-time mail scan feature requires some work to make it work right dealing with lots of complicate configurations because activating it using the out-of-the-box presets will make almost all of your e-mails go to the quarantine zone. I have the webpage scanning disabled as it stops me from loading some pages stating that fall in the porn or gambling category when they are not! :o As an anti-virus scanner is a very good piece of software but fails to desinfect some viruses (the "Terrosist virus" for example) and just gives the chance to delete the file. When that happens I open my Panda Antivirus and clean the file :D Panda is OK but takes a little while to load and slows the PC down. Anyway you can try both for 30 days and decide.
  9. virus scan windoze

    From within Windows you can install a free application called "Spybot Search & Destroy" that remove spyware, keyloggers and trojans. It also offers a nice feature called "immunize" that patches some Windows Explorer security holes and blocks spyware and non-wanted pop-up windows. Salamandra http://www.safer-networking.org/
  10. Different # of CDs

    If your guess is correct LiquidZoo, then bad news for me as I said I have terrible problems using Mandrake RC1 in the sound department. For example today I wanted to try it again, have installed it and it's the same thing: Totem or XMMS crashes the whole system! and the first time I want to configure my desktop nothing happens, even when I double-click on the Home icon. Everything (except for sound) get fixed when I go to MCC and do anything within it, like installing XMMS or any other software. I hope is not RC1 but the Community Edition because if it is I will have to request my money back. Will wait to get it and let you know what was all about. Regards.
  11. Different # of CDs

    As soon as I get the CDs and give them a try (hopefully everything will go smooth) I will let you know. But what I am anticipating is that my winmodem will not work (according to linmodems.org) so I will have to switch to Windows for posting. I am anxious to get Mandy 10 as I tried RC1 but gave me big troubles with the sound. I hope everything will be fine now. Salamandra
  12. Advice please!

    If there is lots of information to be saved day by day and the database system will be used for many years to come, then something like MySQL or an MS Access-like software could do the job. As far as I know a spreadsheet has a limit. I cannot recall the exact amount of cells or information it handles, but is limited. Of couse a dabatase manager has a limit but can store lots more of information (2GB on Access 97 & 8GB on Access 2000 for example). In the case of using a database manager you have to create all the forms so the user can fill the information in and also some coding has to be done. For example in Access -which I have worked with- I had to code in VisualBasic for handling the information input by the users. As I am knew to Linux I don't know about an MS-Access equivalent for Linux yet so I cannot mention any. Sorry for that, but I am sure the other guys will give you some alternatives if you choose a DBM. Good luck!
  13. Different # of CDs

    I ordered some hours ago their PowerPack too. And within an hour got a shipping-confirmation e-mail. As I'm an overseas I will have to wait 10 to 15 days for the Cds to arrive but it will be worth it. I hope their PowerPack is really a different version from the downloadable Standard edition. :unsure: Regards.
  14. Upgrading Mandrake

    I would really want to have the time to take Linux to the edge and crash my system again and again (learning in the process) but for now it's not possible :( Other possibility is to own another PC to play with. Not possible for now either :( (Well to be truth, I have an old P-I 64, 64MB and 1.2GB Hard Drive but I don't think Mandrake will run on that using GUI. Corel Linux works fine on that.) Well guys, have any of you tried Mandy 10 ??? Regards, Salamandra (* So wives are kind of a problem... I will think twice before I engage.. :woops: *)
  15. Upgrading Mandrake

    OK, I will make a clean install but first will try to copy all the /home information into another partition. Thanks to everyone for the input! Salamandra Willing to put my hands on Mandrake 10!!!