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  1. Hey - it's not all bad with the games front on Linux you know. I've lost track of the number of times Windows games simply refused to run on my Windows 98 gaming box.(despite a "designed for Win 98" on the box!!!!) DLL this, DirectX barf that. It's a nightmare. Morphix have a Live CD gamer edition available for download from here Quite a neat idea - i tried it out and it's packed solid with games, and boots into ICEvm lightweight window manager. Also remember that America's Army has a Linux edition, as does the Sims -Happy Penguin is a great guide to the latest in Linux games.
  2. i have exactly the same problem - Belkin wireless PCMCIA card in my Packard Bell igo4000. Distro I tried was the latest MandrakeMove Live CD. I quite surprised at this - i have a copy of DemoLinux LiveCD from the summer of last year, and this auto-detected my wireless card without any problems. It does appear that we have a similar issue. I'm very curious as to what the potential solution is.
  3. google bombs aren't vandalism - they can be used to score a valid political point against an opposition. "parasitic leeches" might be libellious though - "sco is lying" might be a better, more polite phrase to use.
  4. they are probably making the sounds themselves - the customisation/consultancy stuff looks are if its aimed at either media companies or corporates making home entertainment media boxes. pretty heavy duty stuff - it might also be aimed specifically at radio stations. they'll customise the whole setup with your jingles etc... speaking of audio stuff , i came across this fascinating link a day or two ago: Agnula It's funded by the European Commission - to the tune of a cool 1.7 million Euros. Source of info here
  5. I'm based in the UK,and I'm thinking of turning up at the next LUG in my area. Does anyone here have experience of a LUG - was it worth while? would you recommend participating in one? what benefits do being part of LUG bring? any thoughts ,experiences would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. speaking of SCO Linux Stole SCO Code!!! Scratch that - maybe we should start a Google bomb instead Parasitic Leeches :D :D :D
  7. hmmm...maybe i will so. Good idea - i can see it being useful for those small cube shaped home entertainment PCs that are coming out now,and are designed to be situated in your living room. Here's an example of one of these systems Instead of using Winblows Media Center, just pop the cd in. On another note,there's a superb multimedia Live CD distro with lots of audio and video editing and streaming stuff on it : Dyne:Bolic
  8. the apache config file is usually /etc/httpd/httpd.conf
  9. What would be handy (if it doesnt exist already) would be a live CD with all of the Freevo software and associated dependencies all configured and ready to run. Of course , you would need to have a TV card in your box, but it would be seriously handly to just pop a cd in and your box turns into a Tivo-style system. Now THAT would be seriously cool.
  10. you need to install php and mysql locally if you want to run php/mysql apps on your box. you can use urpmi to install them - but , it's probably easily to use RPMDrake in KDE to install them - search for mysql or php. if you dont have apache locally, install that as well.
  11. You probably need to get away from WYSIWIG html editing , and start to hand code HTML. Learning PHP would help too , and this can automate dramatically the generation of entire webpages - quite complex ones too. In fact, this entire bulletin board is generated by PHP. My favourite editor is Kate , although I hear that the latest KDevelop is pretty cool at handling PHP code. Nothing beats hand coding - you learn a heck of a lot doing it that way.And if you throw in PHP, you can get PHP to auto-generate most of the HTML for you. Now having said all of the above, there is one tool you should check out , and it rocks - Mambo Open Server. It's a PHP app that allows you to generate entire websites via a templating system. More on it here: Mambo Server
  12. Tried out MandrakeMove on my Packard Bell igo 4000 laptop today, and it booted up into KDE just fine. Trouble is it didn't auto-detect my Belkin wireless PCMCIA card , which is quite strange , considering that my copy of DemoLinux from last year autodetected my card and even auto-connected to my DHCP server! It just booted , and i was on the net. Anyone else have problems with wireless PCMCIA cards? Any workarounds once you boot into KDE on MandrakeMove?
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