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  1. thanks guys, if linux is command line, then what are a few commands i should know before i do anyting, and if it dosnt have a GUI then how do you navigate through files, what program creators can i use (e.g C++, Java, ect) will my mouse and keyboard need linux drivers for them to work? My modem isnt a Winmodem so i wont have compatibility issues. Any other tips/hints/suggestions?
  2. I have an old NEC C700, Intel pentium 2, with 300Mhz and i would like to turn it into a linux PC for personal learning purposes(i want to learn more about using it for when i install it on my Xbox) so what version(s) would be best to use with it, im not sure of how much memory it has but it's from the 300Mhz-era so mebbe some one will know(it was top-of-the-line in it's day). Thanks in advance
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