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  1. I have a user photo that is basically only for scripts to retrieves pictures from my camera and my phone. I do this so that the scripts can set the pictures to read-write for the photo user but read-only for the rest of the world, and I only ever log in as photo to retrieve the files. (I have lost really cool pictures accidentally before, so I'm extra cautious.) I'd like to have the photo user's scripts executable from my regular user account and have set o+x and the sticky bit, but even with the sticky bit set the files and directories created by the script are owned by the user running the script, not by the photo user that owns the script. Is there any way that I can truly run a script as user photo while logged in as user blahblahblah?
  2. For the past week or so, when I login to KDE it sometimes shows the desktop for a moment, then the screen turns completely blue with some partial images of the KDE logo in white. It hangs like this for about a minute, then goes back to the normal desktop and behaves normally thereafter. This happens intermittently--obviously something causes it, but I have yet to figure out the pattern. Has anybody seen this before?
  3. Is it possible to set up a partition so that when the superuse mounts it it is read-write, but when an ordinary user mounts it it is read-only? edit: Okay, found good-enough solution. Make two fstab entries for it: /dev/sdb1 /media/location1 ext3 ro,user,relatime 0 0 /dev/sdb1 /media/location2 ext3 relatime 0 0 Only root can mount /media/location2. Any user can mount /media/location1. Both are the same device, but one is read-only.
  4. I have a bunch of mp3 files with names like " - blahblah01.mp3", " - blahblah02.mp3" and so on. I want to remove the " - " from the front of the file name. The spaces seem to make it interesting. Here's what I have so far... find . -name " - *.mp3" -execdir bash -c "mv `echo \"{}\"` `echo {} | sed 's/ - //'`" \; Here's what I get: mv: target `track1.mp3' is not a directory Any suggestions?
  5. I can't find wmctrl. I also can't find it with urpmi, and I can't find it with the package installer in MCC.
  6. [javaguy@localhost ~]$ kaffeine QSettings: failed to open file '/etc/qt_plugins_3.3rc' 0 kaffeine: No DVB device found. kaffeine: PLAYLIST kaffeine: PlayList: add 1 items to playlist kaffeine: PlayList: Check for kaffeine/noatun/m3u/pls/asx playlist kaffeine: PlayList: Try loading kaffeine playlist kaffeine: PlaylistImport: kaffeine: /home/javaguy/.kde/share/apps/kaffeine/playlists/NEW.kaffeine kaffeine: Window manager: KWin found kaffeine: SystemTray: Create System Tray kaffeine: Kaffeine:: Try to load service: xine_part kaffeine: This is a KaffeinePart... kaffeine: XinePart: Creating new XinePart... kaffeine: XinePart: Using xine-config file: kaffeine: KXineWidget: Using default config file ~/.xine/config [javaguy@localhost ~]$ kaffeine: XinePart::openURL(): file:///home/javaguy/Videos/phone/20_july_2008_DLs/pole_climb1.3g2 kaffeine: XinePart: Got single track kaffeine: XinePart::slotPlay() kaffeine: KXineWidget: Xinerama extension present kaffeine: KXineWidget: 1 screens detected kaffeine: KXineWidget: Display aspect ratio (v/h): 1 kaffeine: KXineWidget: Using xine version 1.1.8 kaffeine: KXineWidget: Post-init xine engine kaffeine: KXineWidget: Use audio driver auto kaffeine: KXineWidget: Use video driver auto kaffeine: KXineWidget: Init video driver kaffeine: KXineWidget: Init audio driver kaffeine: KXineWidget: Init OSD kaffeine: KXineWidget: Font for OSD: sans kaffeine: KXineWidget: Unscaled OSD available kaffeine: KXineWidget: xine init successful kaffeine: XinePart: load config kaffeine: Set volume to: 100 kaffeine: KXineWidget: New visualization plugin: goom kaffeine: PostFilter: Create Postprocessing Filter: tvtime kaffeine: PostFilter: Parameter: method kaffeine: PostFilter: Parameter: enabled kaffeine: PostFilter: Parameter: pulldown kaffeine: PostFilter: Parameter: framerate_mode kaffeine: PostFilter: Parameter: judder_correction kaffeine: PostFilter: Parameter: use_progressive_frame_flag kaffeine: PostFilter: Parameter: chroma_filter kaffeine: PostFilter: Parameter: cheap_mode kaffeine: PostFilter: Get input kaffeine: PostFilter: Get output kaffeine: PostFilter: SetConfig tvtime:method=LinearBlend,enabled=1,pulldown=none,framerate_mode=half_top,judder _correction=0,use_progressive_frame_flag=1,chroma_filter=0,cheap_mode=1 kaffeine: PostFilter: Set parameter 'method' to value 'LinearBlend' kaffeine: PostFilter: tvtime Apply integer value 2 on offset 0 kaffeine: PostFilter: Set parameter 'enabled' to value '1' kaffeine: PostFilter: tvtime Apply integer value 1 on offset 4 kaffeine: PostFilter: Set parameter 'pulldown' to value 'none' kaffeine: PostFilter: tvtime Apply integer value 0 on offset 8 kaffeine: PostFilter: Set parameter 'framerate_mode' to value 'half_top' kaffeine: PostFilter: tvtime Apply integer value 1 on offset 12 kaffeine: PostFilter: Set parameter 'judder_correction' to value '0' kaffeine: PostFilter: tvtime Apply integer value 0 on offset 16 kaffeine: PostFilter: tvtime Apply integer value 0 on offset 16 kaffeine: PostFilter: Set parameter 'use_progressive_frame_flag' to value '1' kaffeine: PostFilter: tvtime Apply integer value 1 on offset 20 kaffeine: PostFilter: Set parameter 'chroma_filter' to value '0' kaffeine: PostFilter: tvtime Apply integer value 0 on offset 24 kaffeine: PostFilter: Set parameter 'cheap_mode' to value '1' kaffeine: PostFilter: tvtime Apply integer value 1 on offset 28 kaffeine: PostFilter: tvtime Apply integer value 1 on offset 28 kaffeine: KXineWidget: Deinterlace enabled: 1 kaffeine: PostFilter: Get output kaffeine: PostFilter: Get input kaffeine: KXineWidget: Playing: file:///home/javaguy/Videos/phone/20_july_2008_DLs/pole_climb1.3g2 kaffeine: KXineWidget: xine event: channels changed kaffeine: KXineWidget: New video frame size: 176x144 - aspect ratio: 1 kaffeine: KXineWidget: Switch to audio channel -1 kaffeine: XinePart: xine is playing kaffeine: XinePart: got new frame size from xine kaffeine: Kaffeine: new video frame size: 176x144 kaffeine: slotSpeedPause() ---------------------------------------------------------- The "kaffeine: KXineWidget: Switch to audio channel -1" looks suspicious. What might cause that?
  7. Nope. Still no sound on either the 3g2 nor the mp4 made from it, though I have sound on other videos. Definitely something weird about the way my pc is set up, but I can't figure what.
  8. Here's what I ran to encode it: mencoder -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4 -oac pcm /home/greg/zget/temp-vid/pole_climb1.3g2 -o /home/greg/Videos/temp-vid/pole_climb1.mp4 Then: [javaguy@localhost 20_july_2008_DLs]$ midentify pole_climb1.mp4 | grep -i audio ID_AUDIO_ID=1 ID_AUDIO_FORMAT=1 ID_AUDIO_BITRATE=128000 ID_AUDIO_RATE=0 ID_AUDIO_NCH=0 ID_AUDIO_BITRATE=128000 ID_AUDIO_RATE=8000 ID_AUDIO_NCH=1 ID_AUDIO_CODEC=pcm I still have no sound. I did not have the win32-codecs but just installed them. I still have no sound...Do I need to log out and log back in again for them to load up properly? I'll try and report back.
  9. It generates an .mp4 on my system, but no sound. :(
  10. I have no idea. I used the file upload thingy, and it said the file upload was successful. Looking at the thread I can't figure out how to get to it. Try this: http://sammckee.com/pole_climb1.3g2
  11. This gives me an .mp4, but there's no sound in it.
  12. I don't hear sound with VLC either. I'm really looking for a way to convert to mpeg; I don't so much mind if I can't watch them as 3g2, as long as I can convert to mpeg. When I convert to mpeg I get mpeg with no sound, but I know the sound is there in the 3g2 b/c if I upload the 3g2 directly to YouTube I get a .FLV with sound. Here's a short clip. clip.zip
  13. I seem to remember some discussion of this but can't find it anywhere. (My appologies if this is a repeat.) I have some videos I made on my phone that I've uploaded to my PC. When I try to watch them, however, there's no sound. I've tried importing them into avidemux and kdenlive, but they too play no sound. I tried ffmpeg to convert them, but no luck. I figured, okay, no sound in these files. But then I uploaded some of them to YouTube, and what do you know, the YouTube video has sound! So then I downloaded the .FLV version from YouTube and watched it in Kaffeine, and sure enough there's sound. I was able to convert .flv->.mpeg using ffmpeg. So great, I've got a process by which I can convert from .3g2->.mpeg. But that's kind of a cumbersome process. I'm more accustomed to being able to write a shell script let it do everything. Anybody have any idea what I might be doing wrong? I'm far, far, far from being an expert on video/audio encoders and all the little options they have.
  14. I'm thinking about getting a set of bluetooth headphones but am unsure which to get. Has anybody here done this on Mandriva? Any brand recommendations? (Must have a mic.) I'm a gamer and want to be sure I can easily switch off the computer speakers and switch over to the headphones when my wife goes to sleep. ;)
  15. Is there a quick/easy command that a shell script can use to find the total size of the files in a directory?
  16. I think partly they're expecting the community to make new maps, but I can't get the map editor to run in Linux. Know what I'd really like to see? All the classic ET maps ported to ETQW, with as few changes as possible.
  17. I want more maps! I also kind of miss the original ET but can't get the sound working any more. I could play Seawall Battery all night..and have.
  18. For me Bluetooth works intermittently. I don't think it's a problem with my phone b/c the bluetooth earpiece always works perfectly. My obexftp script, however, will work beautifully for a couple of days, then abruptly be unable to connect to the device for two weeks no matter what I do, then suddenly start working again for a couple of days. I've tried three different Bluetooth dongles with my computer, and I don't think it's the phone.
  19. I have a question about directory permissions. I thought I understood this. I have a user and group both called photo. It has a directory called /home/photo/Pictures, on which the photo group has rwx permission. I added my own login to the photo group, and then logged in as me I attempted to ls that directory, but it says permission denied. What do I have to do to see something owned by a group I'm in?
  20. Did you patch it to 1.4 or install the 1.4 client from scratch? When I installed Mandi 2008 I wiped my installation, so last night I downloaded and installed the full 1.4 client. Everything runs smoothly. Even the VOIP works for me now. :)
  21. I have a question... I appear to have long ago nuked some files that I'd kinda like back. I have an old, old backup from 2006 that I expect would have the file. It was created using the backup tool in MCC. I have absolutely no idea how to get it back. The backup tool currently in MCC doesn't seem to recognize it. When I click CD In Place, nothing happens. When I look at the first CD in the backup (the whole thing spans 11 CDs) I see a huge file called april2006_backupaa. Any idea how these are packed? Is everything just tarred and split? If I cat them all back together and rename them somethingsomething.tar, can I just extract them?
  22. javaguy

    Skype phone?

    I'm thinking about getting one of those cordless phones that plugs into the USB and is supposed to play nicely with Skype, handling things like my Skype contact list on the phone's LCD in addition to Skype-in and Skype-out. Does anybody have any recommendations? Obviously it has to work with Mandriva.
  23. This game looks really cool. It loads, and I can start a game and issue one command to my units. When I issue the second command to my units my entire desktop freezes up. I can't even ctl-tab to another desktop, something I can usually do on even the crashiest of crashed programs. What I can do is alt-F2 and log in at the command line and kill the desktop, then alt-F7 back over and log in again. But I'd really like to play the game. Has anybody else had any luck with this?
  24. A little follow-up... When I installed Mandi 2008, for the first time ever Linux recognized my onboard sound. Up until now I had used a separate sound card because, although I was assured everywhere that onboard sound should work fine, reality intruded rudely on theory. With Mandi 2008, it recognized both sound card and onboard sound. I don't remember if it asked me which one I wanted, but when the installation was finished the onboard sound was the one that worked. The microphone worked too! Then I tried to capture a videotape using my TV card. Up until now how I'd done that was to run a short cable from the TV card's audio-out to the sound card's audio-in. Why? Hell, I don't know, but I had tried lots of different things, and that worked. So I did the same thing, ran the cable from the TV card audio-out to the onboard sound thingy (I believe that's the industry term for it ;) ) audio-in. Well it kinda sorta worked, but the audio quality was horrible, awful, dreadful. So I decided to try to switch back to the regular system sound card. I ran alsaconf, selected the sound card, and things went all to hell from there. I got sound okay, but the microphone doesn't work. I also can't get sound in movies any more, no matter which input I connect to the TV card. And this is the killer--I did get system sound, but World of Warcraft was eerily silent, whereas it worked with the onboard sound. So I ran alsaconf again and selected the onboard sound again (it's the Nvidia mcp61 if that matters). With onboard sound hooked up again, system sound still works now, and WoW has sound once again, but the microphone no longer works. The audio-in jack no longer works at all, whereas before it worked but made a horrible scratchy sound. I've tinkered with kmix, and I think I have everything right, but still nothing from the mic. Here are my kmixer settings: http://sammckee.com/output.jpg http://sammckee.com/input.jpg http://sammckee.com/switches.jpg I'm at my wit's end. It worked before! Yeah, I know I could wipe my root partition and reinstall. :( I'm not crazy, though, about a "solution" that leaves me still mystified as to what the problem was.
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