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  1. Well It is connected to my ISP CiSCO ONS system wich they give me no access to change settings to. This is where they have pointed the IP addresses to. I guess my other choice is to use a 2nd nic card with the new block of IP addresses in the server ? I been thinking this is prob. the best way to do things and it should be simple. Thanks so much for your help
  2. ok I have i got 68.XXX.XXX.2 and 68.XXX.XXX.4 and there gateway is 68.XXX.XXX.1 Bcast:68.XX.XXX.127 Mask: thats what I have now and my isp is going to give me a set of other ip address but they are in a differnt block and differnt gateway they told me becasue they have none left in the same block. I trying to figure out how to add the ips when they differnt range n whatever. Do you need the ips in the differnt block ? I mean I can get that info for you as well if you need it.
  3. Yes I did take note to the link but I guess I am really slow or missing something. I still trying to figgure out how change the gateway for the new set ip addresses becasue it is a differnt gateway ip.
  4. This seems like quite a task but then again I am pretty new to this side of things like I said. I allso wanted to ask can all this be done remotely or do I need to be in the consle? I was hopeing to add allthese via SSH becasue the system is over 100 miles from me. If you dont mind can you show me some commands to enter for examples to make sure I do it correctly. I really do not want to screw this up and make the server be unreachable if I do it remotely. Thanks for your help
  5. Hello I am needing help setting multi static ip address. The the thing is I know how to add them with ifconfig eth0:0 and Assign second IP: ifconfig eth0:1 and so on you know the drill. I know I have typed local ip addresses for a example but I am talking about real IP addresses. Well ok this is my issue I have more ip address from my ISP but they are from a different block of ips and they have a different gateway, broadcast,netmask and so on. I just was wondering if I still can keep them on the same nic card as the other block of ips ? I am pretty new to this side of linux. Please help me and give me some feed back.
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