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  1. I don't know owncloud, but my first guess is apache Directory directive


           <Directory "/home/owncloud/data/">
                   Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews
                   AllowOverride All
                   Order allow,deny
                   allow from all



    it's the allow from all that's the important bit.

    apache needs to own the directory AND be told that requests can be made to that directory.

  2. strictly a vi guy me

    I have used an "app" for web development in .. sheesh .. since about 1999 maybe ?

    as ian mentions, you can get the code directly from joomla, if you wrap it with a package manager, crazy stuff can happen come update time.


    I'm not a joomla fan, more of a wordpress guy .. but they're all muich of a muchness nowadays . .each with their own quirks

  3. I install nullmailer, and user localhost as smtp (that way I can also use it to send system emails like logwatch, back up notifications etc)


    then configure nullmailer to use whatever smtp service


    cat /etc/nullmailer/remotes

    mail.domain.nz smtp --user=smtp@domain.nz --pass=mysecretpassword

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