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  1. Well, the MDK 9.2 offers 2 modules for my VIA 8253 onboard soundcard. With one I get duplex, but awful sound, with the other no duplex but perfect sound. What can it be? Could it be necessary to recompile the kernel?
  2. Well, I'm having a ECS mainboard with a integrated VIA soundcard (VIA8235 on a VIA-KT333). The distro provides 2 drivers for this soundcard snd-via82xx and via82cxxx_audio. with the first one, i get full duplex (more than one program using the sound at a time), but awful quality (buzzes, crackings, so on). With the other one I get very good sound, but no duplex (eg if i play xmms, other progs using sound freeze until they can play). Ca anyone help me? Do you think there are extra-options to be specified in /etc/modules.conf? Thanks a lot!
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