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  1. Sovled my problem.... the key to it was turning off the Plug & Play OS Option in the BIOS. Thanks for the help
  2. What do I put as the dhcp server??? And Its nothing fancy for a switch, its an Intellinet 5 port Fast Ethernet Switch
  3. Hi, This is probably something stupid but anywho here goes, I have a sis 900-based PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter as a network card... it connect to my adsl modem. I'm running Mandrake 9.2 and when I go into the network configuration there is a network interface called eth0 but I can't get it to activate thus i can't connect my internet connection with pppoe because the card is down.... I also have a switch that mine and another computer are connected to which in turn connects to the modem contrary to what i stated(my bad)... Could someone please give me some steps on fixing this problem? Thanks, NeoPhreak >.<
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