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    invalid url

    nope. thats how it seems, so I dont blame either of you saying that, but it happens on every website almost every hour, an takes about 10min for it to be fixed, and this only happens on mandriva, never on xp. an well it is happening to me, I have other check the exact link, an they work fine.
  2. iDmajic

    invalid url

    here is an example
  3. iDmajic

    invalid url

    yeah soon as it happens agn
  4. iDmajic

    invalid url

    i dont understand?
  5. iDmajic

    invalid url

    mandriva 2008, its wireless? but it does the same thing on my other computer through ethernet using mandriva 2008
  6. iDmajic

    invalid url

    I will occasionall get an error for websites that normally work, in both firefox and konqueror, that there is invalid url error at '/' or pictures won't load or something, an im woundering how I can fix this? [moved from Software - arctic]
  7. i start-up my computer with mandriva, then it starts the boot process, then gos to a ms=dos screen with Login :. 1second after the screen goes completely black, an nothing happens after that. It just hangs . I have ati radeon x600 card
  8. I'm new to linux, I have windows xp & downloaded mandriva 2008. I don't have a burner so I wanted to know if I could mount the iso an use it to install.. any help?
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