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  1. I was using Mandriva for years on my desktop computer (and still use it) and everything was perfect, but recently I bought toshiba A210-15J laptop. Only problem is no sound and no wireless. But I never managed sound to work, and had great problems with wireless. I am not beginner in linux and I used almost all popular distributions (ubuntu, suse, mandriva, fedora) , but my laptop is refusing any attempt to fix sound or wireless problems. I give up because I am losing a lot of time on reading posts and posting, then restart to try to fix mandriva, and then restart again to post results. It is not easy when you must boot up to vista (damn slow boot time) several times.
  2. i installed again from scratch the whole system, ndiswrapper and realtek drivers do not work. tnx guys for help, but unfortunately i am going back to windows. linux is far from usable desktop system.
  3. Well it is hard to remember what kind of errors I get because if I want to post on forum I have to restart to windows. Anyway these are errors that I get when running ./wlan0up script provided from realtek: This is when I did rmmod command: error inserting 'ieee80211_crypt-rtl.ko': -1 Invalid module format error inserting 'ieee80211_crypt_wep-rtl.ko': -1 Unknown symbol in module error inserting 'ieee80211_crypt_tkip-rtl.ko': -1 Unknown symbol in module error inserting 'ieee80211_crypt_ccmp-rtl.ko': -1 Unknown symbol in module error inserting 'ieee80211-rtl.ko': -1 Unknown symbol in module error inserting 'r8187.ko': -1 Unknown symbol in module
  4. I tried ndiswrapper WinME and WinXP driver but some kind of errors appear.
  5. Now i cannot even get my wlan0 interface up. I did rmmod rtl8187 and insmod rtl8187 again but no luck. Now it says wlan0: nu such device or something like that. I'll find some ethernet connection and try to update system. Any suggestions for login screen problem? All my friends who use linux with wireless had no problems with login (Intel wireless cards)
  6. Everything was purged from cache in firefox and konqueror. No progress. I'll provide with some more feedback later.
  7. Hello @ all ! I have following problem: I'm trying to connect to wireless hotspot in hotel with Mandriva linux 2008. nevermind the distribution (tried kubuntu 7.10 and openSuSE 10.3), every linux I tried heve the same problem. I have installed drivers for my Realtek rtl8187b wireless card, brught it up with wlan0up and wlan0dhcp scripts provided from REaltek, get the login screen, enter username and password (which is correct of course), and puff I am redirected to login screen again. I cannot acces any external adress, just that stupid screen. Little icon in system tray says that I'm connected to network. On windows vista everything was configured with DHCP, no encryption, and everything was autaomatic. Tried the same setup on Mandriva, but it doesn't work. Best result was that stupid login screen. Every other method of configuration leads to lost of connection. What to do?
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