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  1. 1) xPlanet should update every 10 min to redraw the twilight-zone 2) the result should be the desktop picture
  2. ;) don' tell me that I have to switch to Ubuntu just to get xPlanet going
  3. Did nobody master xPlanet under Gnome here? :unsure:
  4. Thanks for your generous offer :) I delayed coz I tried MDV 2008.1 OK: I want to use this script: http://xplanet.sourceforge.net/FAQ.php#gnome2 according to my needs I change the "GEOMETRY=1280x800" I neated it also up: New ".xplanet"-folder in home (kaba), where I put the script. The topic here I also understand fully: "Using Gnome session manager. Select Applications (the Footer menu) -> Desktop Preferences -> Advanced -> Sessions and hit the Startup Programs tab. Click Add and browse to where you saved the above script and select it. Click OK. Hit the Current Sessions tab and click Apply. " Let me see what happens B) :mellow: oops, now the obligatory Linux-research begins... $ bash xplanet-gnome.sh rm: cannot remove `/home/kaba/.xplanet/images/2xplanet.png': No such file or directory xplanet-gnome.sh: line 28: xplanet: command not found xplanet-gnome.sh: line 37: exec: xplanet-gnome.sh: not found Obviously MDV won't install Debian's xplanet-images and also stores the stuff somewhere else. Here: /usr/X11R6/share/xplanet How can I start xplanet anyway? :unsure: And how do I get line-numbers into gedit? #!/bin/bash #xplanet-gnome.sh shell script v0.2 #shows Earth on your Gnome desktop with current lighting conditions,i.e. day and night DELAY=6m PREFIX=/home/kaba/.xplanet/images/ OUTPUT=xplanet.png APPEND=2 GEOMETRY=1280x800 LONGITUDE=15 LATITUDE=30 #default is no projection,i.e. render a globe #rectangular is the flat world map. also try ancient, azimuthal, mercator,.. #PROJECTION=rectangular #rename background image so Gnome realises image has changed - thx to dmbasso if [ -e "$PREFIX$OUTPUT" ]; then rm "$PREFIX$OUTPUT" OUTPUT="$APPEND$OUTPUT" else rm "$PREFIX$APPEND$OUTPUT" fi if [ -z $PROJECTION ]; then xplanet -num_times 1 -output "$PREFIX$OUTPUT" -geometry $GEOMETRY -longitude $LONGITUDE -latitude $LATITUDE else xplanet -num_times 1 -output "$PREFIX$OUTPUT" -geometry $GEOMETRY -longitude $LONGITUDE -latitude $LATITUDE -projection $PROJECTION fi #update Gnome backgound gconftool -t str -s /desktop/gnome/background/picture_filename "$PREFIX$OUTPUT" sleep $DELAY exec $0
  5. I use Mandriva, because its the most user-friendly Linux I ever met :woops: Now I like to have xplanet on my desktop. Clouds would also be nice. With KDE I found out how -- but scripts!!! And MDV stores xplanet different from other distros in: /usr/X11R6/share/xplanet Could plz somebody who mastered this topic with Gnome share his wealth? :D [moved from Software by spinynorman - welcome aboard :)]
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