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  1. doh !! I'm still stuck at work...
  2. yep I know you can learn almost everything with almost any distro. However, as everyone knows, and as you previously made a clever metaphor about (your "kick you in the butt" metaphor), I want to play around with another distro that kicks me in the butt a little more than mandriva. Based on your review, and that you know 10 times more than me about linux, I have the feeling that I would be instantly "turned off" with questions/problems right from the get-go. You know - first impressions are important... I am older and more impatient and more grouchy than alot of people here... anyway, great review. I like the "real world' reviews you guys do here. I read a few arch "reviews" on various linux sites, but they are usually just a light-weight "arch is nice, I like it better than other distros, give it a try". I prefer reading about real-world step-by-step opinions - such as your review...
  3. sheesh... I remember paying something like $200 for my Sony dvdburner, but that was several years ago... the prices I mentioned on the AOpen burners was at a local computer hardware store, so it was probably "full retail". Haven't shopped around on the net yet.
  4. great review. I was gonna put arch on my win2k box as a dual-boot, to learn more linux on.... but you have changed my mind... I've got to pick another "learning" distro now.. something in between "mandriva" and "arch"...
  5. yes, thank you uralmasha. I was getting mad at k9copy, but its a urpmi package problem. Can't wait to get home from work and try it out...! Damn, this work stuff is interfering with my fun...
  6. I read something about a year ago about some kind of firmware coming... when I go shopping for a new drive, I hope they disclose this stuff on the outside of the box somewhere... or maybe I should just keep using the old one in my win2k box. Its an old sony (not my favorite company) 4x single-layer dvd/cd burner, still works good though. The burner in my mandriva box is a newer (a year old) AOpen 8x dual-layer dvd burner, which I really like. So do SATA drives have the master/slave jumpers on them like IDE drives? My IDE 160GB drive with win2k is jumpered either Single, or Master w/no slave... When I put in a SATA drive, I will want to install a linux distro on it, probably arch - to learn linux better. During install, will I just let it install the bootloader to the MBR...? I will let it partition the entire SATA drive for linux.
  7. what's riplock firmware? doesn't sound good
  8. when I run k9copy from the cmd line I get this (only a partial copy & paste): (cputest.cpp) available multimedia extensions: sse QMultiInputContext::changeInputMethod(): index=0, slave=xim k9copy: /dev/hdd resolved to /dev/hdd k9copy: /dev/hdd is block device (64) k9copy: /dev/hdd seems to be cdrom k9copy: (K3bDevice::Device) /dev/hdd: init() k9copy: (K3bDevice::Device) /dev/hdd feature: CD Mastering k9copy: (K3bDevice::Device) /dev/hdd feature: CD Track At Once k9copy: (K3bDevice::Device) /dev/hdd feature: DVD Read k9copy: (K3bDevice::Device) /dev/hdd feature: DVD+R k9copy: (K3bDevice::Device) /dev/hdd feature: DVD+RW k9copy: (K3bDevice::Device) /dev/hdd feature: DVD+R Double Layer k9copy: (K3bDevice::Device) /dev/hdd feature: DVD-R/-RW Write k9copy: (K3bDevice::Device) /dev/hdd feature: Rigid Restricted Overwrite k9copy: (K3bDevice::Device) /dev/hdd: dataLen: 60 k9copy: (K3bDevice::Device) /dev/hdd: checking for TAO k9copy: (K3bDevice::Device) /dev/hdd: checking for SAO k9copy: (K3bDevice::Device) /dev/hdd: checking for SAO_R96P k9copy: (K3bDevice::Device) /dev/hdd: checking for SAO_R96R k9copy: (K3bDevice::Device) /dev/hdd: checking for RAW_R16 k9copy: (K3bDevice::ScsiCommand) failed: k9copy: command: MODE SELECT (55) k9copy: errorcode: 70 k9copy: sense key: ILLEGAL REQUEST (5) k9copy: asc: 26 k9copy: ascq: 0 k9copy: (K3bDevice::Device) /dev/hdd: checking for RAW_R96P k9copy: (K3bDevice::ScsiCommand) failed: k9copy: command: MODE SELECT (55) k9copy: errorcode: 70 k9copy: sense key: ILLEGAL REQUEST (5) k9copy: asc: 26 k9copy: ascq: 0 k9copy: (K3bDevice::Device) /dev/hdd: checking for RAW_R96R k9copy: (K3bDevice::Device) /dev/hdd: Number of supported write speeds via GET PERFORMANCE: 1 k9copy: (K3bDevice::Device) /dev/hdd : 16620 KB/s k9copy: (K3bDevice::DeviceManager) setting current write speed of device /dev/hd d to 16620 k9copy: (K3bDevice::DeviceManager) Link: /dev/dvdrw -> /dev/hdd k9copy: (K3bDevice::DeviceManager) Link: /dev/dvd -> /dev/hdd k9copy: (K3bDevice::DeviceManager) Link: /dev/cdrw -> /dev/hdd k9copy: (K3bDevice::DeviceManager) Link: /dev/cdrom0 -> /dev/hdd k9copy: (K3bDevice::DeviceManager) Link: /dev/cdrom -> /dev/hdd k9copy: (K3bDevice::DeviceManager) Link: /dev/cdroms/cdrom0 -> /dev/hdd k9copy: (K3bDevice::DeviceManager) Link: /dev/ide/cd/c0b1t1u0 -> /dev/hdd k9copy: (K3bDevice::DeviceManager) Link: /dev/ide/host0/bus1/target1/lun0/cd -> /dev/hdd k9copy: (K3bDevice::DeviceManager) SCANNING FOR GENERIC DEVICES. k9copy: (K3bDevice::Device) Error: could not open device /dev/sg0for reading k9copy: could not open device /dev/sg0 (No such device or address) k9copy: (K3bDevice::Device) Error: could not open device /dev/sg1for reading k9copy: could not open device /dev/sg1 (No such device or address) k9copy: Could not resolve /dev/sg2 k9copy: (K3bDevice::Device) Error: could not open device /dev/sg2for reading k9copy: could not open device /dev/sg2 (No such file or directory) k9copy: Could not resolve /dev/sg3 k9copy: (K3bDevice::Device) Error: could not open device /dev/sg3for reading
  9. 1. can linux take advantage of the "lightscribe" burners? Last I heard, k3b does not support lightscribe yet... I'm thinking about coughing up the dough for an AOpen dual-layer DVD burner 8x, it's $59. The same burner, but with lightscribe capability is $79. 2. can you put in a "sata" HD as a 2nd HD in a machine that has an IDE HD? My win2k box has a sata mobo, but the 160GB HD in it is an IDE drive. I want to buy a 2nd drive for a dual-boot linux install. Is there any benefit of putting a sata drive in, I mean speed-wise?
  10. I think some of these GUI rippers, such as acidrip, are just frontends for mencoder.... I'll check out Gmencoder... Let's turn to k3b: to rip a dvd with k3b you need transcode, an mpeg4 codec, libdvdread, and libdvdcss. I think I have all of that, but I'm not sure about the mpeg4 codec. How do I know if I have one? Does that mean divx4 or divx5 or xvid...? If you rip a DVD9 with k3b, can k3b then burn a blank "dual layer"? ie - no shrinking needed...?
  11. dvdshrink (the linux version) and k9copy are the two I am most interested in. The only rip program I got to do anything at all was acidrip. I got an .avi file from the movie title from a dvd. When you have an .avi file on your HD, can you burn a dvd with it... a dvd that will play on a home dvd player? is ".avi" the same as "mpeg4" ??
  12. I'm not at home now, but I'm pretty sure I get the exact same thing. Since most of us can't run k9copy, does that just mean its a "bad program"?
  13. I've probably got 4 or 5 old HDs laying around my office at home. Don't wanna just throw 'em away... a couple of them I pried open and then really trashed up the disk itself - with screwdrivers, power drills, etc. how do the rest of you remove everything from old drives that no longer work?
  14. I don't know how to tell what version I'm running of k9copy. It won't even load up, so I can't click "About k9copy". Is there another way to tell? steve mentioned his crashes also. when I get home, I'll try it from cmd line to see any messages... edit: on some other boards, many people have said that dvdshink (the linux version "xdvdshrink") results in better quality than k9copy. I would still like to be able to run k9copy though.
  15. thanks ian. I was able to get the track info already - depending on what I had the dvd device set as... some settings got the track info, some would not... even if it got the track info, it still gave errors about no dvd, or "could not open dvd with css..."
  16. yes, I had already tried others: it defaulted to /dev/dvd, but I tried it with /dev/hdd, and also /mnt/cdrom. DVDshrink (the linux version) always says that "it appears there is no DVD there..." The buttons for Get Subtitle Info, and Get Audio Stream Info actually work (they read the disk and return the proper info) when I use /mnt/cdrom. But then when you say Start Copy, it says there's no DVD...
  17. I don't want to use windoze progs under wine... so I'm trying out various open source progs. Bad luck with k9copy, crashes immediately. Don't even know what version I have since it won't even load. xdvdshrink looks nice, but I don't know if my "/dev/dvd" is correct. I just installed acidrip with urpmi, and it also looks nice. However, my bad luck is still holding true. acidrip is also using "/dev/dvd" but it is saying DVD not found. Drive empty? there is a DVD in the drive. k9copy, xdvdshrink, acidrip - strike 3, I'm out ?
  18. Steve & scarecrow - sorry for the confusion. I did #urpmi dvdshrink and what got installed is called "xdvdshrink". It appears to be a completely diff program than the dvdshrink in windows - I'm very familiar with the windows version. The way I found out about it is from the "other" dvdshrink thread, where someone told the original poster that dvdshrink was available in the urpmi repos. It looks like a really nice gui for ripping & optionally shrinking DVDs. Let me say that I very rarely do this stuff, but it is the ONLY thing I still do in windows that I don't know how to do in linux. After this problem is taken care of, there is no reason for me to have a "winblows" box at home.... :D lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 3 Jul 21 20:49 /dev/dvd -> hdd
  19. Installed k9copy with urpmi. Installed dvdshrink with urpmi. Neither works. You would think that installing packages with urpmi would result in packages that work, but apparantly not. k9copy doesn't even load, it crashes immediately. Since was installed with urpmi, seems like whatever dependencies there are would have been taken care of. dvdshrink opens up just fine, and it looks like a nice simple interface. I have used dvdshrink & dvddecrypter alot in windows with no problem, but this one is obviously something completely different. So anyway, it loads up nicely, however when I click the various buttons.... Title Info "Get from DVD" it just pops up a blank dialog box. The other buttons do the same thing (nothing). It does get the name of the dvd correctly when I click that button First, how do you see what your DVD device is... what's the way to show it? Hopefully its just something simple like wrong dev (it starts up with "/dev/dvd" but maybe that's not right. Here's the errors: libdvdread: Using libdvdcss version 1.2.9 for DVD access libdvdread: Could not open /dev/dvd with libdvdcss. libdvdread: Can't open /dev/dvd for reading (iodump.c) unable to open directory "/dev/dvd" comments about any other burning/ripping software appreciated.
  20. ok, I guess, but k9copy was recommended to the original poster, so I don't see how questions about installing k9copy are a 'hijack'
  21. does DansGuardian work by itself, or does it use a proxy server, such as squid ? I'll start a new thread when I'm ready to try it out, but I was just wondering in the meantime...
  22. In synaptic, doom & quake appeared to be the linux versions of the "shareware" versions. Yes, there were more than one doom & quake - synaptic also had the other stuff too. In other words, when installing doom or quake in synaptic, you had to mark several things. A.I. - yes I did check what nvidia card my son had, before installing the driver. I installed the correct "nvidia-glx" driver. His card (geforce3 TI-200) is listed under the "glx" cards, not the "legacy" cards... I figured the "nv" "nvidia" thing was what it was. I remember how to fix that from back when I had to do it all the time with Fedora. I try the "enable" thing now... edit: ok, sudo nvidia-glx-config enable worked great
  23. I just got through installing tons of games with synaptic. Many were not put in the menu under games. For example, doom, quake2, and a few others. The games appear to be installed all over the place, and I'm not sure how to play doom or quake2. Shouldn't synaptic make the games playable, and findable ? I also used synaptic to install the nvidia-glx driver. Formerly, sauerbraten (cube 2) played so slow as to be totally unplayable. Now, after installing the driver, it doesn't play at all - just gives an error message. init: sdl init: enet init: video: mode Xlib: extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0". Xlib: extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0". Unable to create OpenGL screen: Couldn't find matching GLX visual thanks for any tips on playing doom, quake2, and on the nvidia error... hmm....well,I could figure out the glx thing tomorrow, its late now....
  24. I finally got around to hooking my kid's machine back to the internet temporarily, and then I replaced the sources.list with what A.I. suggested, then did the update && dist-upgrade. Took quite a while, but went flawlessly. Rolled from breezy to dapper without any work at all, got upgraded versions of everything available, such as firefox. I don't know what kernel breezy came with, but now my son has 2.6, which is newer than my 2.4 on mandriva 2006. I'm jealous. I'm gonna have to make my mandriva machine an ubuntu box... I can really get used to this "rolling" stuff... thanks a.i. when I give my kid the internet permanently, I'll try to get the Dans Guardian set up.
  25. ok, I'm not gonna do it. This is an ongoing thing for them. This company (a husband & wife company) is an ISP, and also they provide business computer services (sell, repair, and networking) (including the company I work for) so they always have "trade-ins" or just machines that they take off client's hands... In many cases the machines were not working - bad HD, or screwed windows, or whatever. So they will invest some time in putting in a working HD or any other component that is no good, reinstall win98, and stick it on their shelf for $99. So the price does have some "time spent" calculated in it... but I'm not gonna do it, anyway...
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