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    Well I worked on recovering my emails and although it took me hours (days) to sift through all of the reclaimed data I was able to find at least about 30 of the most recent received and about 20 or so of my sent. Most importantly they were my most important recent ones. There were about 80 partial ones and fortunately I could get the most important details out of them. The whole exercise caused a lot of heartache for the duration though I can rest a lot easier now thank goodness. Over in Mageia Forum I notice that a lot of people have had various troubles and discontent regarding akonadi so it seems that I am not the only one by a long shot. Again, has anyone got a suggestion on how to have Kmail store the password the same as it did in the past without the darned Kwallet and akonadi. Cheers. John.
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    I have just about reached the end of my tether with the people who have made such a mess of kmail by tying it up with Kwallet and Akonadi and whatever else. It used to be a relatively simple and reliable application but now no longer. Before Kwallet and Akonadi one was offered the ablility to have kmail store the password within kmail, a choice which suited me so I used it. I do not want anything to do with Kwallet or Akonadi because they not do anything for me that I need. All the arguments about making things more secure etc., do not wash with me. So I don't install Kwallet and I have to have Akonadi whether I want it or not, now what I find is that I am prevented from having the password saved in Kmail. Everytime, not just when I open Kmail, yes everytime I check email now I have to type in the password. Yet for sending emails, Kmail stores the password to enter the internet. With the Kwallet nonsence one needs a brutish password to get into it and you still need your separate Kmail password. I live alone and NO ONE gets to operate my computer and on top of that I DO NOT ever keep any personal data on the computer. So if anyone who illegally happened to be in a situation to access my computer they would find nothing of interest at all. What really tipped me over the edge was another change that caused a disaster to me. Emails used to be kept in .kde4 (/home) so I always copied that hidden folder to another hard drive plus a USB stick whenever I reinstalled Mageia2 and/or also cleared the home partition for any reason. In this particular situation though I planned to clear the john account and then reopen it afresh (not reformatted) because I was having funny little things happening but not serious just annoying. I setup the account afresh and that appeared to eliminate them so now was the time to copy back the Kmail folder in the saved .kde4. Opened kmail itself and found no emails showing there so I go back to the .kde mail and find to my horror that there were no emails in it at all. I had lost all emails from right back to 2007. Nothing,na-da,zilch,zero all gone. I have only now found out that the emails are now saved in .local instead. Some bright spark decided to change things without telling anyone. Sure lots of Techs probably knew but not us dumb nontech users. I immediately got into semi-panic mode but remembered that photorec worked for me once before with a difficult photo memory card. I installed it and logged into root (Yes I am setup so I can. Anyone who wants to criticize this please don't waste your time, remember it is my computer) and set it to work. I am only 1/3 way through sorting through the stuff recovered by photorec and have found quite a lot of email files with missing parts and quite a number of complete files so I have made encouraging progress thus far. Anyone got a suggestion as to how I can save the password into kmail without this wallet thing. Sorry for the rant. Cheers. John.
  3. Hello Jim. I agree with your two posts entirely. Hi Ian. I think that it was probably too much to expect Mageia-1 to have a noticeable new look and feel during its first iteration after breaking out on its own. I think Mageia-2 has established its own identity to a very marked degree now. Cheers. John.
  4. Here is a trick I discovered for myself. I am Using Mageia-2 and KDE. It also worked with Mageia-1 and I am certain it will work with any OS that uses KDE. When you right click in any open or part open window space you will get a pop-up menu that offers a choice <LEAVE>, clicking on <LEAVE> presents another pop-up menu offering log-out, shutdown or reboot. Clicking reboot starts the process through to the boot menu where you choose what you want, click on it and the process then runs through to the Login Screen. Here is the trick....... When you get the <LEAVE> pop-up menu, don't just click on it, instead hold the mouse left click button down and in a moment or two the Boot menu will appear. While still holding the mouse left click button down, slide the mouse pointer over the choice you require on the boot menu and only then release the mouse button. The process starts immediately and proceeds non-stop through to the Login Screen. While this only saves about 2 or so seconds by making one action unnecessary, what it also does is join two useless short intervals into one longer one that you can utilise for say grabbing a quick drink. So there are two benefits. Thank you KDE. Cheers. John.
  5. 'Evnin all. :-) I have a suggestion that things might be improved here if instead of having a sign up saying that says something like "there is no current thread" was replaced by just leaving the last thread up until a new one comes up. Many newcomers probably get the incorrect impression that the site has gone dead and so move on. Also the Mageia forum seems to be very popular. I think it is even more popular than the earlier Mandriva used to be so most no longer have to look outside the Mageia Forum for help. One reason that I prefer to mostly come here is because I don't like to be lectured by a rather self opiniated authortarian type of individual who seems to have the knack of addressing most members as if he was some school master lecturing students. I don't get treated like that here. By his manner I suspect he is probably about 16 to 18 years old, if not then he certainly acts like one. I am too old to get into verbal "fist fights" now days and I just move on even ignoring private emails from such individuals. However fortunately ISADORA is there to provide a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere and often makes much appreciated visits over to here at MUB. Plus many of the former regulars from here are over there and helping as much as they can the same as they always did here. It is always nice to see many of the past members of MUB keep coming by even though they have moved to Mageia usage. Hello XBOXBOY, if you were to try Mageia-2 I am sure you would not be disappointed. As I said in my previous post, Mageia-2 has become the Mandriva that should have been so if you had faith in Mandriva in the past then I am sure you will gain great faith in Mageia and not have to worry about uncertainty as to where it is headed. Remember that nearly all the former producers of Mandriva started Mageia and even more of former members have joined the team. Hello Ian, I am truly quite surprised that you haven't. tried Mageia. Were you to do so I think you too would be impressed. Hello also to Banjo, Daniel and Jim Kerr. Cheers for now. John.
  6. I have been using Mageia solely since Mageia-1 first came out and then Mageia-2 when it first came out. I couldn't be happier. It is stable and reliable and is still more Mandriva than Mandriva is today. I have a couple of minor niggles with it but they are relatively minor. e.g. 1. Mahjongg-3D still has not been ported even into Mageia-2 yet. 2. The application Audacious in Mageia-2 has lost a feature that existed in Mageia-1, namely that the ability to increase the size of it when xmms style is chosen. In M-1 it was possible via an option called <Scale>. In M-2 for some reason this option was removed with the result the application is tiny on my 24" monitor and looks ridiculous. Regardless of how much others prefer so called more modern styling, I still prefer the original xmms style. And since xmms has been apparently been dropped, I was delighted to discover (after considerable searching) that Audacious included the Xmms look. 3. With regards to APC Backups, although <apcupsd> has been ported to Mageia-2 its mate <gapcmon> has not. At the moment I have installed the relevant package from Mandriva. It is a bit like having a car with no installed lights of any kind....You can drive it around in the day and get by without the lighted instrument panel or trafficators but at night you can't travel much without a lot of difficulty. 4. In M-1, I use the Elegance look and I use the <Allow widget on screensaver> to add the Analogue Clock. I can then increase the size of the clock for best appearence to my taste. In M-2, I cannot resize the clock at all from its quite small size. One little feature that I found new in M-2 that was not in M-1, was that when one reached kdm login I could use the keyboard <Enter> to click in rather than have to use the Mouse. Since I live alone and no one else has access to my computer, I have have a password free account so I only have to click through. I have tried using Mandriva2011 on a different hard drive but even after a couple of weeks trial I was not impressed at all. I tried the much vaunted Mint same reaction. Same with Kubuntu. Cheers. John.
  7. A year or so back I successfully used photorec to recover pictures on a cameras' memory card which I had screwed up somehow and could not get back any other way. I thought they were gone for good. Both programs are the tops. Cheers. John.
  8. I copied the Mahjongg-3D, gapcmon and apcupsd from Mandriva2011 and installed them AOK into my Mageia-1. Neither the gapcmon or the apcupsd appeared in the Menu. I started them up using the Konsole. After opening gapcmon I ticked the options of <Use TrayIcon> so the application did not shut down when I closed Konsole. Mahjongg-3D didn't seem to have any dependency's and it did appear in the Menu. I hope these 3 packages can be made part of Mageia-1 and 2 for others as well as myself. I have noticed that a bug report notice appears at the bottom of the screen once my account opens whenever Mageia-2-rc is rebooted but nothing seems to be not working correctly so I just close the notice. Mageia-2-rc seems to be pretty solid at this stage (with all updates) with no noticeable problems which sure bodes extremely well for the final release in a weeks time. I am really looking forward to it. Great going Mageia team. Cheers. John.
  9. Thanks Isadora and Ian. An Update. Installed AOK with no apparent hitches. Some Points. 1. Yawp, the weather plasmoid seems to be a bit screwed up. When mounted it is initially near totally transparent. It does not set-up automatically responding to saved settings in home hidden files as it does in Mageia-1. Also in Mageia-1 it was a default install but not in this one which is a bit of a disappointment but that is all. 2. Audacious, even though skins is installed it cannot be set for random skin selection when the XMMS style is selected, also the xmms style cannot be made double size as can be done in Mageia-1 which is a need for a large monitor. The following are not complaints or criticisms, just observations which might inspire the Mageia team to bring them on. 3. Mahjongg-3D is still not available. 4. The 2 packages, apcupsd and gapcmon, that the great Adam Williamson produced in Mandriva for APC Backups fitted with USB monitoring still haven't been ported to Mageia. They are far superior to the current back-ups alternatives offered, are much more configurable and supply much more detailed data. In my Mageia-1 I am going to try and install the current Mandriva packages of 3 and 4 for the interim in the hope that Mageia can bring them up some time soon. Cheers. John.
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    Hi all. For those interested, Mageia2-rc has been released just a short while ago. Various CD and DVD options available including boot net-install which I have downloaded and burnt. Will be installing it as soon as I conclude this post. Cheers. John. [moved from Talk-Talk by spinynorman]
  11. Thanks Ian. I installed the Luna Plasmoid as a normal Mageia rpm, part of the Mageia Plasmoid packages such as Picture Frame and Yawp (weather). I read the Luna discussion you suggested and I see it was around 2008. wow. Thanks again. John.
  12. Thanks for the update, Ian. Just out of interest where did you find that info since I would too like to do a read up on it. What makes it really odd is that before I did the fix, I opened a dummy account and was able to deploy the LUNA widget no trouble at all, yet in my real account it was not there. (Mageia-1). Weird huh. Hopefully then there should be no re-occurrence in the future. Cheers. John.
  13. Thanks Ian. I used an idea variant of your idea. I opened dolphin in root ( <su -> then root password then <dolphin> ) and did your suggested <locate luna.svg> again. This brought up...../var/lib/mageia/kde4-profiles/common/share/apps/desktop-theme/Mageia/widgets/luna.svg. This is similar to the </usr/share/apps/desktoptheme/default/widgets/luna.svg> to be found in an account that you found and suggested. I simply copied the luna.svg and pasted (as you suggested) it into that location. This worked perfectly and I rebooted to be certain it would hold and it did. This meant that I did not have to go out of Mageia at all. This is obviously a work around but I wonder how the problem originates in the first place ??. This is now only curiosity since so far as I am concerned the problem is now SOLVED thanks to you. Cheers. John.
  14. Hello Ian. All the files as listed in the Luna RPM are present in the locations stated they should be.(see below) You are correct about the luna.svg in that it is present in /usr/share/apps/desktoptheme/default/widgets/luna.svg in the Mageia2-beta3 that I am trying out but is NOT present in my main Mageia-1. I have tried uninstalling the Luna Plasmoid and reinstalling it a number of times but it does not change things. The Luna Plasmoid in Mageia2-beta-3 is 4.8.2. Cheers. John. I am about to try a few other things and will be back. ‎/usr/lib64/kde4/plasma_applet_luna.so ‎/usr/share/icons/hicolor/128x128/apps/luna.png ‎/usr/share/icons/hicolor/16x16/apps/luna.png ‎/usr/share/icons/hicolor/22x22/apps/luna.png ‎/usr/share/icons/hicolor/32x32/apps/luna.png ‎/usr/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/apps/luna.png ‎/usr/share/icons/hicolor/64x64/apps/luna.png ‎/usr/share/kde4/services/plasma-applet-luna.desktop
  15. Hello Ian. Because I didn't explain the Luna Problem adequately, I think you misunderstand the problem. The LUNA Plasmoid installs correctly or seems to with no errors and all its files appear in the places they are supposed to be according to the rpm details. The problem arises when I try to place the LUNA widget on to the desktop, that is when the error messages originates. In Mageia2-beta3 it goes on to the desktop without a problem and can be configured. It also works correctly on my now backup machine which is running Mageia-1 and which was my original hardware and was installed over a year ago and been constantly updated. My current main machine is running an SSD hence the newer install of Mageia-1 but it has been clean installed a number of times and on most of those installs Luna worked correctly. The problem occurrence does not seem to follow any noticeable pattern, which is quite annoying in trying to track down the source of the problem. I opened a dummy account and it mounted AOK. In root it mounted AOK. I am open to any further ideas. Cheers. John.
  16. Thank you Ian, that solved the colour problem. The LUNA error message is as shown in the attachment. Your reply was certainly very much more polite that someone called doktor5000 over at Mageia. Others offered the same solution as yours and I thank them for it but he offered nothing at all. Cheers. John.
  17. To get help to solve my 2 small problems and to help get a current active topic running in the dismally quiet MUB I am copying over a post of mine made at Mageia forum. I hope this is OK. :-) I am running the full latest updated Mageia-1 using Boot install from 2 days ago. Both root and home partitions were clean installed so no hang over from previous installs. I have 2 small problems. 1. All the colours in flash items in Firefox seem to be colour opposites i.e. red is now blue, blue is now red and so on. I have even swapped the non-free flash player for the Adobe sited player but the problem is unaltered. 2. Everything else seems to be working correctly other than a problem with the LUNA plasmoid which does not install and give an error message saying svg or whatever cannot be found. My standby machine is running Mageia-1 also and has been simply fully updated over the past months and shows no signs of such a colour problem, however the Luna problem exists there also. The Luna problem in Mageia is not consistent because some times in a Mageia reinstall the Luna installs AOK. Very strange indeed. Any ideas anyone please. Cheers. John. [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  18. Thank you Isadora. I think I am starting to get the gist of it. However when I am in partyoutside (my spare machine) in <DrakNFS manage NFS shares> there is nothing there until I press the Add button. Then up pops a <Modify entry> panel. In ....Directory.. clicking on it brings up the entire Mandriva tree. Since I want to access anything in both ...Home... and .....MixedMedia... which are both partitions what do I select here or should I select....root ...??. In ...Host access..... the <Information> is full of gobbledegook. There is a * in the window and when the down arrow is pressed it reveals the following * *. and what do I choose here please ???. In....User ID:...it is showing <No user UID mapping> which seems to be the default. Should this be changed to one of the other alternatives available, if so then I guess the next two lower bars come into involvement ??. In the ....Advanced section.. (further down) I have changed the read only from <yes> to <no> since I want to both read and write. At this point the two sections I need advice for is (1) What to select in ....Directory (2) What to select in ....Access I suspect that...User ID:....can be left as it is . I have currently NFS in running mode on both machines. Would I be correct in thinking that once I get it working in this first direction then I can do the same for the opposite direction so I can my sharing which ever machine I am on at the time without having to come back to my main machine (partyinside) to do swapping ???. Cheers. John.
  19. Thank you Ken and Ian. Ian I tried your suggestion and was able to achieve each stage except for the very last one, namely, mkfs.vfat /dev/sdb1. In my instance the drive was /sdd. No matter what little variations I tried it just wouldn't go. I Spotted Kens mention about Gparted and could have kicked myself up the "kyber pass" for not thinking of it, because I have used in the past and was reasonably offay with it. Installed gparted and opened it up and away It all went .....no trouble at all. I not only successfully reformatted it to ext4 but I set it up as 2 partitions, one at approx 4Gbs and one with the remainder of 14Gbs. I got the simple solution I was seeking and it worked so I can now say it is SOLVED Thanks both and cheers. John
  20. Thank you all. Isadora, your nfs seems to be what I need. I have installed the two NFS packages on to their respective machines. Then reboooted. Can you please walk me through the rest of the process because I do not seem to find where to start. Lets imagine that my main computor which has Mageia-1 is named <partyinside> and the other machine with Mandriva2010.2 is named <partyoutdoors>. Now I go into MCC then Network Sharing. Where to from there ??. Is it Share Drives and Directories using NFS or is it Access NFS shared drives and Directories ??. If is the former then what data do I insert into ADD. I am afraid that that part has me baffled. If it is the latter as shown in your post then do I click Search Servers ??. When I do that nothing happens. Are there other packages that need to be installed such a Samba or whatever. Cheers. John
  21. Hello everyone. I have My Main fully operational Computer complete with extensive Hardware upgrade and running with Mageia-1. It is connected by Wi-Fi to my ADSL-2 Modem operating over landline. My Spare and Backup Computer, now using major components taken from my Main machine, and running Mandriva2010.2 is now fully functional and connected to the same landline ADSL-2 modem by Wi-FI also. Both are working perfectly this way. Now I would like to be able to swap Photos, Videos and Music between them. Can anyone tell me what programmes I need to install to be able to do this. Please keep the suggested methods as simple as possible. I would hope to be able to do it via the Mandriva/Mageia Control Centres. I have tried some considerable googling on this subject but most of the suggestions are overly geekish and very difficult to understand or follow. Any suggestions please. Cheers. John.
  22. Hello all. I have been experimenting with installing Mageia-2 Beta-1 via a 16Gb Kingston Data Traveller. I learned how to Install the iso onto the Memory stick and did it successfully, I am pleased to say. However when I try to install the Mageia onto my chosen partition on the Hard Drive from the stick, the process reaches the section to choose language and totally freezes. It does it time after time. I tried it all out again on my now spare backup Computer and get the same result so I think that maybe the stick is corrupted even though I carefully checked everything during the "burn" to the memory stick. Now I find that although the Memory stick is shown in the Device Notifier and can be opened to show all the folders and files etc., it does not show up in Mageia Control Centre so I am not able to reformat the USB stick to do a "burn" using a freshly downloaded iso. I can see I should have partitioned the memory stick because the stick only registers as 3.4 Gbs ( the size of the iso download in the first place). So now how do I get to wipe the memory stick to start all over fresh again ???. Should I use a console to wipe it clean etc and if so what are the cli instructions to do same. Cheers. John. [moved from Installing Mandriva by spinynorman]
  23. Holy Cow so you are telling me you are 104 yrs, John.
  24. Hello Willie. I don't think you need to worry about Mageias' future. While it was a fork of Mandriva, it had or has nearly all or most of the original team that made Mandriva such a great OS. It will no longer really depend on Mandriva for its future. It is no way comparable to Pclinuxos which at lest originally was mostly the work of one great man. At the moment, Mandriva2011 is a real mess, especially considering how good 2010.1 was. Cheers. John.
  25. WoW Cannot say I am surprised, but am truly saddened. John.
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