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  1. Hello everyone, I am currently using Mandriva Linux. The install was easy, just put in the disks and let it go. I am thinking of trying a new distribution. I was going to try Debian, until I found out its 14 CD's. That left me with slackware. However, im confused with even downloading it. All the ISO's are iso.asc - What do I do with that? Also the site is telling me I need to select a boot disk (does the CD not just run like the Mandriva ones did?) Any help/guidance would be appreciated. Thanks -neocytrix
  2. Ciao Tutti! I don't really know where this topic would go, but this seams to be the best place for it. I just have a simple question: How do I make it so instead of clicking a user name at bootup, you have to enter it(still graphical, just you need to type your user name and password)? -Neocytrix
  3. Ciao Tutti! I am looking to learn more about SSH servers. Is there a site out there that can teach me how to manage one(for example, my friend can SSH into my computer, how would I kick them out, see what they were doing, etc) I can't really find much on the net. Does anyone know of a good place to start?? -Neocytrix
  4. Just one more question, How did you know the command to run it? I would have tried to put the version numbers in and everything, because thats the name of the RPM. -Neocytrix
  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH! It works :-) -Neocytrix
  6. I guess it installed, I type rpm -qa and limewire is there at the bottom, my question is, how do I use it? lol
  7. Okay I did that. This is going to sound really stupid but, what do you do after you do the rpm in the console?
  8. Buongiorno tutti! I am trying to install LimeWire by using the RPM. It says that it can't install. j2re >= 1.4.1 So I download the Bin File for j2re1.4.2, and I finally get it to install (I think, it did extract everything and now theres a folder that has all the stuff in it.) But the LimeWire install still comes up with the same error, SOMEBODY HELP ME lol -Neocytrix
  9. Hello everybody! I have been looking for ways to make an SSH server, but can't find much on the net. Does anyone know any good recources for learning SSH? Also, is there a way to make it so a user can only log in VIA SSH, a shell acount I believe this is? Anything helps! Grazie!! -Neocytrix
  10. Hello everyone, Can someone point me in the direction of how I would go about sharing a printer hooked up to a mandrake box, over a network so that a Windows machine can print on it. Any help is appreciated.... -Neocytrix
  11. Okay thanks :-D I'll take that the problem are solved and mark the thread solved - Artificial Intelligence
  12. Hello all, I am trying to get back into C++ so I am doing little scripts in my spare time and I can't figure out why this won't work. #include <iostream> char strUser[10]; char strPass[10]; char strProgPass[10]; char strLogin[10]; using namespace std; int main() { cout<<"Hello, please choose a user name "<<endl; cin >> strUser; cout<<endl<<"Hello "<< strUser<<". Please choose a password"<<endl; cin >> strPass; cout<<endl<<"The user name you have entered is "<<strUser<<endl; cout<<endl<<"The password you have entered is "<<strPass<<endl; cout<<endl<<"Log in as "<<strUser<<"? (y,n)"<<endl; cin >> strLogin; if (strLogin == "y" ){ cout<<endl<<"Enter password: "<<endl; } return 0; } The thing is, when you type your user name/ password and hit "y" the program just ends, it doesn't even display "Enter password: " before it ends. Im stumped Also, if someone is feeling like showing me something, how would I use a 'while' statement to make it so the user could keep trying to enter their password? -neocytrix
  13. I tried a new set of drivers and when I went to install them it said that there was a problem (rivafb confilicted with the driver) How do I fix that? -Neocytrix
  14. I don't know about the specs, I couldn't find them, but its a "MAG innovision" monitor if that helps :unsure: -neocytrix
  15. I still can't get it to work, I went to install the Nvidia driver from here and the script ran fine but it said something about making sure my kernal source was there or something like that, and it is there. So then I went to install my 3com drivers from here and that had a bunch of errors also. Can someone tell me maybe how to configure X or what I should be looking for in my logs? IM LOST lol. -neocytrix
  16. Hello, I went to Nvidia.com but im not sure what drivers to get for my video card, Linux IA32 or Linux IA64, or what I don't know lol
  17. Hello everyone, I just installed slackware and the installation seemed to be going fine but when I booted into it, it booted into text mode, so I typed kdm and it went to just a pure black screen and the power light on my monitor started blinking. I had a problem with this in mandrake a while back and it had to do with the video card. Im using slackware 10.0 with an Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 video card. I need -Neocytrix
  18. Oh thanks :D THATS A RELIEF. I will be installing over my mandrake partition -Neocytrix
  19. Hello everyone, I want to try installing slackware linux and I see for a requirement that I need a 3.5 floppy, as of now the one I have doesn't work and I was wondering if I can install without the floppy. -Neocytrix
  20. Im going to try that next. I was wondering if anyone thought it could be a bios problem or something like that though.
  21. Hello all, I started having a problem a few months ago where my floppy all of a sudden isn't recongnized. I have no idea what caused this it doesn't work in linux or windows. Does anyone know what might have caused this and how to fix it. I tried replacing the IDE cable but that didn't help. -Neocytrix
  22. When I run it it comes up with the following error: Only UTC timezone is supported. Last token seen: echo Garbled time Any ideas how to fix that?
  23. Hello everyone, I want to make a shell script that allows you to enter a time and the program will do a specified action at that time (ex. ping google.com at 5:00) Any ideas on how? -Neocytrix
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