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  1. Hay some times these things keep looking for /dev hdc . did you try editing the boot line with somthing like ----------------root=/dev/sda1----------or the path to your usb device. you may half to add --------noinitrd to the end of that. VINNY
  2. Humm well aaaa it would apear as though the problem with k3b was actualey a problem with my old a** hardware :unsure: I tryed to burn somthing agin after coming home from an outing with the motherinlaw (bingo) and it burnt fine. :P perhaps it was fealing sorey for me ---------------- after thinking about it for a wile (3 howers of bingo) I seam to remember this drive being tempermental befor!!!------------------------------------ witch is why it was on the shelf to begin with. I just put this box together from 3 old boxes and some spare parts for testing diferent OSes and sutch. and speeking of testing this one isent to bad even for a noob like me. ---MCNLive-toronto that is every thing seams to work ok I'm kind of likeing it. :D it's runing ok on a old 533MHz PIII katmai with 320Meg's of RAM and a ATI 3D rage 128 vid card. :lol2: VINNY
  3. nope the urpmi line ubove reterned ( allreadey installd ) my user is in the cdrom group and still no burning joy. perhaps this ver. of k3b dosent like my burner my coppy of toronto is using k3b-1.0.1svn on KDE-3.5.6 The distro on my baner below ultimalinux8.3 was using k3b-1.0.4 on KDE-3.5.8 ----and it worked fine !!!! in fact it's wat I burned the MCNlive toronto .iso with. so eather this ver of k3b dosent suport my burner OR somthing's not quite set right yet. VINNY
  4. I'm sorey but I cant ignore it becouse I cant burn eneything now. VINNY
  5. OK all passwords set However k3b is still complaning about cdrecord not having root privaleg--------hear is the eror---------------- cdrecord will be run without root privileges It is highly recommended to configure cdrecord to run with root privileges. Only then cdrecord runs with high priority which increases the overall stability of the burning process. Apart from that it allows changing the size of the used burning buffer. A lot of user problems could be solved this way. This is also true when using SuSE's resmgr. on the other distro I use k3b has a setup to fix this. is this an older relece of k3b???? O and yes now the user acount is acting beter after adding some grops (all of them) and a reboot ;) VINNY
  6. OK I give how do I change root password?------------------------------------------- and it seams as though adding a user create's some problems. xine wouldent work for the user.--------a root wusent on the list of users one can modafy. O and how do you give cdrecord root permitions K3B sead it neands to run as root.??? VINNY
  7. Well I found an update tool in MCC and it sead thare were 193 update's wating for me so I sead ok. :) I gess it wint ok :unsure: it was to easey for a linux update------ VINNY
  8. well I looked around the forum a bit and used the MCC to set the NTFS partition as user acsesable (A little hard to diside how this was done and it turned out to be the partitioning tool that did it ) and after a reboot. All is well. :D Some how the auto mounting problems disapeard after the reboot?????????? :unsure: :) Be back with more as I get in trouble :P ----------- VINNY
  9. Well I got MCNlive-toronto installed after 3 try's ( the boot loader wouldent take.) and most every thing seams ok so far. I had to add my NTFS partition to fstab,mtab befor I could acses it. but now it's under /mnt/windows. when pluging up a USB or puting a cd in I get the eror Cannot create link /etc/mtab~ Perhaps there is a stale lock file? humm the cd just mounted the 2'ed time (not usb) but now I get this when trying to unmount. umount: /media/cdrom is not mounted (according to mtab) and hears 1 more querk I ejected the cd manualey and placed a diferent cd in the tray. The cd was acsesabl but the name of the cd stays with the preveus cd?????????????? that is the name of the cd icon in Konqueror!!! eney Ideas?? VINNY
  10. :D ----Well yes I did use a Gparted live cd to pre partition+format (ext2) the HD's and a linux swap partition ;) then let the instaler witch had corectley identafied them mount the one as root and the uther as /home + the swap. and reformat them then instald lilo to the mbr on hda pointing to boot hdb1 ( the larger of the 2 HD's ----------------however the age of the old hardware showed it's self wile letting the packedg updater install 87 updates and it locked up when the / HD went south ?????? think it will fit on a 1.8 GB partition :unsure: :lol2: I think Ill try it later just for gigels until I can obtane a nuther HD for it! well as I sead in this thred https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?showtopic=42949 post#3 this delft is cool -------O ya it ended up runing in ram for 3 day's + without a glitch befor the wife had to have her windows back. as reported in the linked thred..................I'v allso got toronto & manderiva one spring around hear somware? one of these will probabley be my next instald linux sys. that is on my next box!! I'll keep my curent one on my HP (Ultimalinux 8.1) sence I'v spent over a year using tweking and geting to know it ;) and well it's fine so why mess with it but out of the 9 or so live cd's I'v got ISO's for It's MCNLive delft for me sence it will copy2ram in 512 so yyyyaaaaaaaeee Delft :D VINNY
  11. All right I wanted to test the installer ( I'v done uthers that dident preform so well ) so I dusted off and got functioning a old no name box------------------------------------Pentium III (Katmai) 534.639MHz Processor 158MB RAM 1-?Samsung Model: ?WN321620A (2.16 GB) HD as /home 1-?Western Digital Corp.Model: ?AC13200B (3.2 GB) as / and 208836k of the 2.16 HD as swap and A ?ATI Technologies Inc-?3D Rage LT Pro AGP-133 video card. AND it went of without a hitch the 1'st time :D used lilo for the boot loader and allmost every thing seams to work (so far) in fact im on it now posting this B) hears the top of a TOP readout Tasks: 81 total, 1 running, 80 sleeping, 0 stopped, 0 zombie Cpu(s): 5.6%us, 1.3%sy, 0.0%ni, 93.0%id, 0.0%wa, 0.0%hi, 0.0%si, 0.0%st Mem: 158296k total, 155028k used, 3268k free, 464k buffers Swap: 208836k total, 44324k used, 164512k free, 44160k cached wile using KDE with Konqueror, Mandriva linux control center,and a Konsole all gowing at once. HOWEVER my favorit thing beryl 3D wont go :P O well I gess the low mem is geting me sence I think the video card shuld be ok ?????? SO wut ya think about 3D------------------ and your cool distro working no this antique box :D VINNY
  12. www.mcnlive.org if you read under delft it sead 3D desktop - Beryl, Compiz and Metisse - for Intel and ATI cards, with nvidia 2D joy only. but I dont know if this is diferent for Toronto ? VINNY
  13. well I think I'll try the USB thing first sounds realey portable and safe. check this out top - 10:59:44 up 2 day, 17:12, 1 user, load average: 0.02, 0.06, 0.02 Tasks: 86 total, 1 running, 83 sleeping, 0 stopped, 2 zombie Cpu(s): 4.0%us, 1.7%sy, 0.0%ni, 92.1%id, 0.0%wa, 1.7%hi, 0.7%si, 0.0%st Mem: 507424k total, 501152k used, 6272k free, 60464k buffers Swap: 538168k total, 443024k used, 95144k free, 156704k cached this is wile running ktorrent downloading at 25-100 KB/s beryl 3D cube konqueror and opera the cpu(s)usualey stay's under 1.0% and mem used when Ktorrent's not blazing away has ben as low as 450152k used and wear still going!!!!! ;) I'll let you know how the USB goes this cumming weekend (when I can aford to spend the 10-20$) well check back later VINNY PS: thare may be some typos in the top output I had to type it my self sence when I went to highlite it I'd get it allmost highlited and it would refresh and loose the highlighting edit: DUUU I gess I shuld have done q and THEN coped the stop'd output well I am quite the nooby :)
  14. Cool I just wanted to make shure I wasent going to damage my hardware using it this way :unsure: and let me say agin WOW I'm runing this thing (MCNL delft) on a dell Inspiron 1300 laptop 1.8GHz pentium M, 512MB RAM using onborde graphics ?Mobile 915GM/GMS/910GML Express Graphics Controller and sound 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) High Definition Audio Controller and a ?Broadcom BCM4311 [AirForce 54g] 802.11a/b/g PCI Express Transceiver for wirless net.it's been running in RAM with 3D cube (BERYL) for 2 days without a glitch seting up the wireless wasent to difficult in fact it's the first time I'v goten wirless to work with linux. (ahum a yes I'm a nooby) it did require using ndiswraper even though the card was reportedley detected and after teling the setup utility (mcnlive>confiigur network) ware the driver was (in the ntfs par tition on the HD) and instaling it you get a screen of avalable networks -----except thars no networks listed-----I discoverd if you click the back button then the next buton all of a suden the networks are listed ;) now you just pick your network enter your setings and finish then log out and in and you have your little signal meater on the task bar !!!!! when I discoverd I dident like opera's torrent client I found Ktorrent in the add/remove package set --------I still cant beleve it you just check the program you wunt and click install --- that wus it it found the dipendencey's I sead ok and it downloaded and instaled them. Ktorrent was even put in the menu O ya I'm using it now :D once agin nice work im realey concidering installing it on my next box !!!!!! every thing work's as good installd dosent it ?? VINNY
  15. First let me say GREAT I love this live distro MCNlive Delft and mandriva one spring... lightning fast loaded to ram 3D's to cool and it's the first live cd I'v ben abel to get wirless to work on and I'v tryed severall,,,, My queshton is with live delft runing from ram is it or is it not bad for your mem chips??? I thought I read somware that it puts a hiere than normall load on them????? see it's ben runing in ram for 2 days now and still gowing strong :D :D :D VINNY PS:I do have swap space provided for it ( I added some to the HD just for testing live cd's thay allwase seam to work beter with some swap sadley some dont automount them like yous dose )
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