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  1. AAARRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!! ok, sorry, but i had to get that out! i'm back to playing around with the new & improved???!!! Moz1.4. i finally got the 1.3.1 profile loading into 1.4 via a new shortcut pointing to 1.4. (thanks frosterrj!) now, i'm in Java h*ll! ok, i was in Jave h*ll. i'm back to Java heaven, at least in Moz1.3.1. i have no Java in 1.4 at the moment. i installed the SunJava j2re 1.4.2 per the Mozilla.org recommendation, to use with Moz1.4. when it installed, it (of course) removed my older Java package (j2re 1.3.1). i did sym links to the java plugin, fired up Moz1.4 & tried a Java enabled page to see how (if) it worked. i went to DSLReports to try some of their Java tweak tests. everytime i clicked on one, the browser would crash. i tried each Java plugin (ns4, ns600, ns610) with the same results. it got worse.....Moz1.3.1 would also crash on Java pages (i tried a few different sites just to make sure it wasn't something exclusive to DSLReports). worse still, Konqueror wouldn't not load Java pages. (at least it didn't crash) then, out of the blue, both versions of Moz wouldn't load, period. i'd click on a shortcut, it would start loading in Kicker, then it would bomb. worse still (again) other applications were bombing........MCC, Konqueror, KCC, etc. i decided to run them from terminal & they still bombed, but i was getting error messages in terminal about XFont errors, cursor errors, etc. (i should have written them down but i didn't...sorry). i basically couldn't get ANY program to run. so, when in doubt.....reboot! as it was shutting down the system, i got a "failed" notification when it tried to shut down Xfontserver or Drakx (again, i was panicked & p*ssed to i didn't take notes). i kept going, rebooted, & everything loaded fine & i was back to the KDE desktop. i promptly uninstalled j2re1.4.2, reinstalled j2re1.3.1, relinked everything & got it all working again...except i'm back to square one & have no working Java in Moz1.4. sooooo...........more questions! has anybody had similar headaches with Moz1.4? j2re1.4.1? why would Java crash the Xfonts? has anybody gotten Java to work in Moz1.4? and, if so, what version of Java & how? ok, i guess i got a bit wordy again, so i'll stop for now & await some answers & suggestions. time for a Gin & Tonics! as always, thanks, Chris
  2. you're welcome for the link. my next question would be, it shows how to turn on tcp window scaling echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_window_scaling but it doesn't say how to turn it off, should i not like the results. does the "1" after echo mean "on"? if so, would "0" mean off? please advise before i dig myself a hole that i don't feel like digging myself out of right now? thanks, Chris
  3. tcp window scaling.....is there any benefit to turning this option on (IE: increased surfing speed)? if so, what is the proper way to do it? right now mine is set to 0, or off. i understand a little about what scaling does, but not enough to know if it's beneficial to play around with it. i was doing some tweak tests at DSL reports & came across this faq page about Linux performance tweaks www.psc.edu/networking/perf_tune.html . i know how to do these things in Windoze, via registry hacks, but i'm lost when it comes to Linux. my speed, throughput, etc. is screaming right now (Verizon DSL.....734kb down......194kb up), but if i can squeeze any more out of it, hey, why not?! any info/help with this would be appreciated, as always. thanks, Chris
  4. i've been doing some software removal via the MCC rpmdrake. i came across this fortune telling program called "fortune-mod-1.0-30mdk" under "workstation>game station>other". from what i can tell in the descripition, it's some kind of fortune telling program. i don't need my fortune told, so when i checked it for removal, a box comes up telling me that because of dependencies, the following packages must also be removed..........gnome-control-center2.2.0.1-2mdk, gnome-telnet2.4-4mdk,gnome2-2.2.0-1mdk, xclockmore-5.06-1mdk, & xscreensaver-4.07-1mdk! why must all of these things be removed along with this fortune telling package & is it safe to do this? it looks to me like it wants to remove the gnome package, which i don't want to happen. i haven't used gnome terminal much, other than just to investigate it (been stuck on KDE, which i like alot), but that doesn't mean i might change my mind at some point. has anybody removed this "fortune-mod" package & what were the repercussions (if any) by doing so? tia, Chris
  5. thanks to all who have offered their help & ideas. i have Mozilla 1.4 uninstalled for the moment. i now understand where the profile info is & such, but for some reason i couldn't get M1.4 to recognize & use my M1.3.1 profile. i tried variuos suggestions from you people & from the Mozilla faqs & docs, but nothing seemed to work. as i said before, i could have reset everything manually, but after using M1.4 for 3 days, i honestly wasn't seeing much of an improvement over M1.3.1. it didn't run any faster, which would have been a BIG plus. also, M1.4 needs the newer version of Java (Sun1.4.2 or Blackdown 1.4.1) which wrecked havoc with my M1.3.1 (it made it crash everytime i went to a site with Java). i'll play with the new version again at some other point, but for now i'm just gonna wait 'til a Mandrake RPM comes out & hope that will make things easier. when i upgraded M1.3.0 to M1.3.1 via the Mandrake RPM, everything went smoothly & all i had to do was relink the Java & other plugins. so, consider this case closed for now. on to other questions! Chris
  6. ok.......i'm at work again, so i can't play with anything Linux while i'm here, but i got the shortcut link to the new Mozilla version working last night, using Tyme's instructions. (thanks!) i still have 2 working versions of Mozilla (1.3.1 & 1.4). that seems to go against what the Mozilla docs & faqs say you can do, 'cause they all say to delete an older version before installing a newer version because things can get corrupted, etc. i've had no problems running 2 versions of Mozilla so far (it's only 2 days, though, so maybe something will happen eventually) anywho, this brings me back to my other question, concerning profiles & settings. here's a link to the Mozilla profile faq page http://www.mozilla.org/start/1.0/faq/profi...le.html#restore . i've tried the various things they suggest, but i can't seem to get my old profile settings to work in the new version (IE: no bookmarks, view settings, mail settings, etc). has anybody succesfully installed a new version of Mozilla & imported their old settings to the new version, & if so, how? i'm probably sounding redundant now, & i realize that i can just take the time & reset everything to how i want it to be, but i was thinking (hoping) there has to be an easier way! gotta get back to work now. any more suggestions will be appreciated. if it can't be done, then we can just bag this thread, i'll manually set everything, & i'll start asking other questions. again, thanks for all the help with this matter, so far. Chris
  7. it's me again. i'm at work, so i have no Mandrake in front of me to play with, but i now have a question as to the proper location of the Mozilla folder, if there is indeed a proper location. some of you are saying it should be installed to /usr/bin.......some said /usr/local/bin. when i installed Mandrake initially, Mozilla 1.3 was automatically installed to /usr/lib/mozilla(version). when the update RPM for Mozilla 1.3.1 came out, i ran that & it too installed to /usr/lib/mozilla(version). does it matter which directory Mozilla gets installed to? the install instructions at the Mozilla sight don't specify where you should make your Mozilla directory. if it helps, i have Mandrake installed on a 10 gig parttion on my hardrive & my Mandrake install goes like ./ (1.5 gig) ./swap (800 meg) ./usr (5 gig ) ./home (remaining space).......or something close to that.......the sizes may be a bit off 'cause i don't have it in front of me to check right now. gotta get back to work now. hope i'm making sense with these questions. thanks again, Chris
  8. i'm just in "waking up/coffee mode" & have to go to work (grrr) soon, so i won't be able to try any of these suggestions 'til later, but thatnks for all of the replies! i got the RedHat RPM from the Mozilla 1.4 download page. it's an i386. they have that & the SRPM. yeah, i do have 2 working versions now. that's what's confusing me. Mozilla says to uninstall any older versions first. but, that woried me a bit 'cause if the new version bombed or was too buggy, then i'd be screwed, so i installed the new version in spite of that fact. it's working fine, as is version 1.3.1 (which i'm using now). i just thought (was hoping) there might be an easy way to import or preserve all of my old settings in the newer version. i gotta run now. i'll try linking the new version to a shortcut as suggested later. i'll keep you all updated & once i get this worked out, prepare for more questions. (yep.......i do search the posts before asking something......i've been lurking here for a month now & this forum has been a great help!) laters, Chris IBM Aptiva 40 g HD 256 megs RAM Win98/Mandrake 9.1 dual boot Lilo
  9. hi all, this is my first post, so please be gentle. i am quite the newbie. i've been using (ummm.....struggling to use) Mandrake 9.1 for the last month now. as far as that's concerned, i'm sure i'll have many more questions. my latest struggle is how to install/upgrade to the latest version of Mozilla. i'm currently running version 1.3.1. i've downloaded the Mozilla installer, the plain old tar.gz file, & even the RedHat rpm. i've tried the first 2 files, per the installation instructions from Mozilla. the RedHat rpm scares me 'cause it tells me it has to uninstall Galeon & Mozilla 1.3.1 before continuing. sooo, i've managed to install M1.4 via the first 2 methods, BUT, my confusion is thus........... first, the only way i can get the new version to run is to do it through Konsole, using the ./mozilla command. i can't figure out how to run it via a shortcut on the Kicker or KDesktop. soooo..... once i do get it running via the Konsole, i don't have any of my version 1.3.1 bookmarks, mail, settings, etc. i read about saving your old profile & copying it into the newer version, but i can't quite get it to work. sorry for the ramble, but my question is, are there any easy to understand instructions for a newbie on how to install/upgrade to Mozilla 1.4 without losing all of my old setting & how do i run it without going into Konsole? or, do i just have to wait for a Mandrake RPM to come out? i'll leave it at that for now & hope i don't get flamed too bad. any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated. TIA, Chris IBM Aptiva 40 g HD 256 megs RAM Win98/Mandrake 9.1 dual boot Lilo
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