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  1. As soon as I connect to my local vnc server, I get a Xmessage window that says "KDE is already running" and inside VNC all I get is a blue screen and no xwindows/kde/gnome/etc. How can I login to my own vnc server , and get a xwindows session to work so I can record it with vnc2swf? thanks!
  2. Fonts look fine in Opera/Konq, but in Firefox they just look bad. And no matter what font I pick, its the same font that will be used, seems the only font option in Firefox that changes anything is the size. Also fonts look bad in GAIM I use KDE by the way with the XGL [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  3. YES!!!! Installed and running full 3d XGL desktop =) All I had to do was change from LILO to Grub on the next reinstall, Grub booted it right up =) weird, yes
  4. would I just type "Mandriva_2007 nopinit" at the LILO screen? (mandriva_2007 being the name I gave it during install) ? becuase i tried that and it still just said it boot: Mandriva_2007 nopinit BIOS Data Check Successful and then it just sits there and never goes further :( i dont understand it though, i thought the Live CD just does an install of whats working already on the PC? because booting live cd everything runs great
  5. OK I was able to boot up and run the Mandriva Live CD , so from there I installed, install went fine. But after rebooting, if I select Mandriva, Failsafe, or Non-Frame Buffer from the boot menu, they all just say: BIOS Data Check Successful And never go any further :( Any idea?
  6. Ok heres the full screen - note I havent got to type any options in as i cannot get to a command prompt. I popped in 10.2 booted right up to the install screen no problem :(
  7. Because you provided the screenshot which shows it going into the bootloader.... but you maintain it isn't. gfx isn't trying to load itself, the bootloader is... but your screenshot plainly shows that you are in the bootloader .....???? What seems to be happening is the default boot options are automatically being taken ... which is to load the gfx splash screen.... Im downloading a 2007 .iso in order to check but I expect you can interupt the default (which is the gfx boot screen) and instead it will fallback to text.... Try TAB or ESC etc. that screen comes up almost instantly, computer posts, dvd reads, bam screen like above - ill take a picture tonite when I get home of the whole screen, I thought zooming on the lines of code where its freezing would have been helpful. thanks guys, I just wanan get some linux action again =) I didnt try it in another PC, but I tried using both of my optical drives as the bootup drive and same results. also it reads just fine in windows and i've burnt MANY .isos , and when burning with Nero I even did verify and whatnot
  8. why does everyone seem confused? the VERY FIRST screen when booting from the CD/DVD is frozen. theres no prompt, theres no loading anything, theres no way to hit f1 , etc. this is the VERY FIRST screen - reboot computer, posts, looks for DVD, loads DVD, says Mandriva Linux.... never gets any further, just locks up as its Loading Initializing gfx code static memory malloc 0 malloc 1 malloc 2 malloc 3 What in my PC could be causing it to not even run the installer? Its not a bad burn, Ive downloaded 2 DVDs, 1 from FTP, 1 from torrent, both MD5 perfect, and I downloaded the CD. All 3 same results, freezes on FIRST screen - theres never any input from me becuase it doesnt get that far. I never get a prompt, never select anything, never hit next, never enter a command, etc. its frozen on the first screeen
  9. yea the options are there, but it never makes it to a command prompt to actually enter a command or press a F1, F2, etc. That screen with the memory loading stuff, thats just the bottom of the initial screen at boot. I assume it loads the stuff into memory, and then i would get a prompt to type linux or text or whatever. i just cant get it to that point :(
  10. No, this is the VERY first screen - computer Posts, reads DVD drive, first screen pops up, locked. all I can get is that screen I showed above - i never get a prompt so I can type "linux" or "text" and get to an install screen - it freezes everytime on Loading Initializing gfx code static memory malloc 0 malloc 1 malloc 2 malloc 3 now its frozen and cant type anything or get to an actual install screen
  11. i cant even get a screen though is the problem, that first startup screen flashes, then screen goes blank and system has to be restarted.
  12. sorry yea This is the very first screen after booting to the CD/DVD. The top part of the screen is the instructions for: "type either, "text", or "linux", etc and press enter to install" , but the actual prompt to type in never comes up as I just get to the screen in my image above and it freezes. And half the time the screen just flashes Out of Sync before even getting this far
  13. While Im no linux-n00b, its been about a year-year and a half since I installed/used linux. Ive always been a Mandrake user since Drake 6.0, so of course after seeing the XGL desktops, I had to go grab Mandriva 2007. Ive tried both the Free DVD version and CD version from the Mandrake FTP. I either get a blank screen (with LCD saying out of range on it) , or I get a screen that looks like its trying to load something into memory (see below): What could be the issue here? My system is pretty straightforward, and nothing extremely new (Intel Mobo, p4 3.2ghz, 1gb DDR 3200, 2 IDE HDDs, Creative Soundcard, Nvidia 6800 AGP Card) Also, is there no longer a nice pretty GUI install or am I just not getting far enough to see it? Please advise and thanks!
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