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  1. Have you tried rpm.pbone.net?
  2. The fate of Mandriva is still in doubt. A final decision was expected on 23 January, but the deadline has now been extended to 27 January. More at Ostatic.
  3. Public details are still a bit sketchy, but if the various forum posts are accurate, Mandriva will most likely shut their doors on January 16. Mandriva has had a long history of financial problems and this latest one could be the one to take Mandriva out. More details at Ostatic.
  4. A reviewer at TechRepublic thinks the latest release has moved Mandriva to the front of the pack.
  5. You need to type mono -V that's upper case...
  6. Not sure what this means, but the solution is here.
  7. Native Client – a Google open source project more than three years in the making – is specifically designed to run native code securely inside web browsers, putting web applications on "the same playing field" as local applications, providing the raw speed needed to compete with traditional software on 3D games, video editing, and more. Mozilla is among those who take a dim view of Native Client. Read more at The Register.
  8. Multiple servers used to maintain and distribute the Linux operating system were infected with malware that gained root access, modified system software, and logged passwords and transactions of the people who used them, the official Linux Kernel Organization has confirmed. More at The Register.
  9. Check out the Release Notes for Mandriva 2011. The following topics are covered: General information about new features and major changes. Changes to the Mandriva installer and upgrade instructions for users of previous releases. Changes to supported hardware and drivers. Changes regarding software packages. Other technical information for experienced users.
  10. The Errata for Mandriva Linux 2011 has information on known problems and, where available, how to fix, avoid or work around them. [updated 14 March 2012]
  11. Mandriva Blog reports the release of RC2. The final release is scheduled for 29 August.
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