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  1. Actually, I cannot think how to support CentoOS either. To say the truth, it isn't my personal view. It is just the case that some people here knows Mandriva better but even in this forum some people told me to use CentOS instead. I just can't argue in favor of any distro. For this reason I'm looking to know what others have to say about this. Some people at my work said Mandriva would be best because it is not only community supportted as they think CentOS is and because of local support. However, we are not going to buy support anyway and I don't know for what they are best suited. Actually, with forums support I can do the same with both, I just want some the causes me less headaches. I would ask, for example, how many of you are using Mandriva in production servers? Is there any list of companies using Mandriva as their servers system? Thanks, Scirious.
  2. People, usually I burn them at 52x with no problems. This is the first time I had a problem like this. I going to try this script and see if ti helps me. Thanks.
  3. My ISO images are ok. I've already checked them. But some of my CDs arent't and I don't know which. I'm going to reburn those that are problematic, but I don't know which they are. So I need to check them and, as they are already burned, I don't know if K3B can help me.
  4. Isa there any way I can know which of my burns aren't ok? Something like RedHat's media check that checks CDs before install? Thanks, Scirious.
  5. People, I am faced with the need to write a document to justify the reasons to chose Mandriva over CentOS, or vice-versa, for a server. In other foruns a friend told me, for example, he had success installing Oracle Database in Mandriva whereas in CentOS, even though it should be easier, he wasan't able to get Oracle installed. With this example in mind, how could I argue in favor of Mandriva? Thanks, Scirious. [moved from Networking by spinynorman]
  6. People, anyone here have ever gotteng Wildfire to authenticate users against Active Directory? If yes, could you tell me how? Thanks, Scirious.
  7. Well, it isn't really intended to get anywhere, it is just for fun. Just to know what they sound like in your laanguage.
  8. People, after upgradin my KDE to SoS KDE 3.5.1 all the icons inseide the Devices icon desapeared. There is only the Samba one where should be many more. How do I get them back? Scirious.
  9. Scirious

    MP3 codec

    People, looking at KDE settings for creatin MP3 files I couldn't see which codec is used. And I didn't like the options to set it up. I much prefer to use Lame with --preset options. How do I know which codec is used and how can I get Lame with preset options? Thanks, Scirious.
  10. People, how smooth is an upgrade in Mandriva? I mean, how do people running Mandriva servers deal with upgrading their production servers? If you don't upgrade what do you do at the ende o the life cicle? And for those that risky upgrading, dos it breake the system frequently? Thanks, Scirious.
  11. People, I'm really amazed how some distributions' names can sound so badly in (Brazilian) Portuguese. I'd like to know what they sound to you. For example: Fedora - It sounds similar to the word "Fedor" which means something that smells really bad. Debian - Sounds like the word "debiloide"which is a word used to offend people meaning that htey are retarded. SUSE - It sounds like the name of a doll similar to Barbie or a girls name. =P Gentoo - It just sounds like a cow's sound!!! Mandriva - (Sorry, but I have to say it) sounds like "Mandruv√°" which is a plague that destroys grapes plantations. What about you? Do they or any other sounds strange too? Scirious.
  12. Well, thanks for pointing me that, but I couldn't find the jdk part. Is there any? Scirious.
  13. People, actually I don't want to have the entire RPM tree. What I'm telling is, for example, if a command such urpmi --auto-select has to install packages A, B, C and D. Package A has no dependencies but package B depends on C which now depends on D. URPMI will just download and install package A and after having package A instaled it will download B, C and D and install them. What I want is to have A, B, C and D downloaded before instaling any of them. So it won't install package A before having downloaded A, B, C and D. Installing a package usually lags my system while download doesn't. So if I am updating it I will have many little lags which will preventme from using my computer. If it could download everything before I could keep using my computer util it is time to really install everything.
  14. People, is there a way I cab get URPMI to download all packages it needs before installing? The way it is now it dowload and instal as it goes, but I would prefer to have everything downloaded before. Thanks, Scirious.
  15. People, any one here can indicate me any software that run on a server side and that users can access through a web interface that I can use to catalog a company's proprety? I mean, I have to catalog things such as CDs, books, hardware and other sort of materials that is not used frequently but that may be needed any time and need to be easely found. Thanks, Scirious.
  16. Does any one know what is the Mandriva Roadmap? When will the next release be? Thanks, Scirious.
  17. Yes, that is what I did. "About KDE" says it is 3.4.2. Boot logo actually only says 3.4.
  18. People, I'd like to know if there is any news about an official KDE 3.5.1 update from Mandriva. It seems that I can't install Thac's one. I installed it succesfully with smart but when KDE boots it bots to version 3.4.2. And when I try to install it with urpmi it just ahngs waiting I don't know waht and doesn't install anything. Scirious.
  19. Well, this was solved and the solution is quite simple. Just grab the whole content from the first CD inta a directory and athem grab the content from the "media" folder of the others CDs into the "media" folder that is in te folder where you grabed the content from the first CD. Scirious.
  20. I have the first 6 CDs from Mandriva Powerpack 2006. Actually, I have 6 CD images cause I lost some CDs during burn and I dont't have more CDs now to burn. I only have CDRWs but they are of 650 MB, which isn't enough for a Mandriva CD. So I burn the boot.iso from the fist CD into one of these CDRWs and I am usng it to boot up the install. However, it doesn't ask what are my CDs, it just ask for the first iso image or a local mirror structure. I can select many GBs of software to install (it lists them all) bt perfors the install only from the first CD without asking for the others. It even ends the install without finishing it's progress bar. After it finishes I can boot the system, but it looks ugly and somethings I've tested does not happen as it should. For instance no man pages are installed. Actually the system can't even recognise man command. and urpmi <any package in any of the CDs> returns an error saying that it couldn't match any pakage to install. Scirious.
  21. Well, actually it boots, but it is clear that the install didn't installed what it was supposed to. Even Galaxy theme isn't right. I have 6 CD images here and even though I chose to install everthing it installs just the first CD.
  22. People, I know this will sound weird, but I can't make the installer use all CD images I have. It uses only the first one, so installation ends incomplete. However, during the install proccess I saw that it was possible to use something like a local copy of the mirrors. So, is there a way I can get a local copy of the mirror structur from the CDs? Thanks, Scirious.
  23. People, I have some Mandriva CD iso images on my Hd but I don't want to burn then to a real CD? Is there a way I can tell the installer to use these imagens instead of real CDs? Thanks, Scirious.
  24. Wel, I have to run my own server because every instant messaging system is blocked in our network. So no one can use any external server for this purpose. But some time ago, before it being blocked it was used as a form of communication between staff. Also we have people here that can't hear working with us so it would ease a lot to have a service like this. Thanks for your help, Scirious.
  25. Friends, I'm in charge of setting up an internal instant messaging service in my company. From what I've searche I came up with two options, wich are: Wildfire ejabbered Anyone here has experience with any of these? What can you tell me aboute them? Thanks for your support, Scirious
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