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  1. This is my system: 64 bit box running a fast AMD processor, two flat screen Samsung monitors (digital) two Msi N 9400 Gt video cards. Running Mandriva 2010 64 bit OS. The system starts on one monitor while loading and switches to the other monitor to operate. I have tried to install the newest Nvidia drivers. Do I have to change something in command mode to get this setup to work?
  2. aknetskimo


    I have Mandriva 2010 installed on an external usb hardrive. The laptop is a HP Dv9628nr with a broadcom wireless internal card. I have got urpmi to install most of the drivers except some part of the b43 files. Can someone help get my wireless up and working? [moved from Laptops and Portable Devices by spinynorman]
  3. AussieJohn, I'm loading Mandriva 2007 64 bit. aknetskimo
  4. Which Os did you install first? I can't seem to get both Os's to write to the same grub. Only on or the other will load, and no choice for the other Os.
  5. I also have install different version of Mandrake and Mandriva and have lost the turn off computer button!! Someone please help!! The aknetskimo
  6. I have a 64 bit system that I'm trying to dual boot with FC5. Has some one done this and used the swap part for both OS's?? moved from Installing Mandriva by mystified
  7. Can you expand the fix to include Mandriva 2006. The file sys structure is different.
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