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  1. After a a thorough search I have reached the conclusion that Xvidcap isn't developed anymore, and it is not well supported in any distribution. Fortunately one of the alternatives: recordmydesktop, works well in my computer.
  2. I have recently installed Mandriva Free 2010 x86_64 in a PC with a AMD Phenom II X4. I have no problems to install XvidCap, but the videos it produces are quite odd, and they do not match what happens on the screen. You can get the idea with the following picture: However, nothing better that a video recorded using XvidCap to asses the problem: http://www.filefactory.com/file/b569h5d/n/test-Xvidcap.mpeg The program does not give many clues to what goes wrong. Thus, running it from the console in verbose mode writes the following messages: [ramom@favo ~]$ xvidcap -v --audio no --gui yes Current settings: flags = 3587 capture mode = multi-frame position = 192x144+0+41 rescale output to = 100 frames per second = 10,00 file pattern = test-%04d.mpeg file format = AUTO video encoding = AUTO audio codec = AUTO verbose level = 1 frame start no = 0 frames to store = 0 time to capture = 0 sec autocontinue = no input source = shm (2) capture pointer = white capture audio = no - input = /dev/dsp - sample rate = 44100 - bit rate = 64000 - channels = 2 animate command = mplayer "${XVFILE}" & make video command= xterm -e "echo not needed for multi-frame capture; echo hit enter to dismiss; read" edit frame command= xterm -e "echo none specified; echo hit enter to dismiss; read" [ramom@favo ~]$ Any clue is welcome.
  3. Yes, you have got it. Permissions was the problem, specially with the dot files. Thanks for your answers. Ramom
  4. The users directories are there, but the users are not. It is necessary to create them, and the million question is how to create them maintaining all the users' information: documents, configuration files, kmail messages, kmail filters, firefox bookmarks, firefox cookies, etc.
  5. Hi: I want to install Mandriva 2008 over Mandriva 2006. I do not want to make an upgrade, but a new installation. But I want to keep up all the users' information: configurations and other stuff. Yes, I have a /home partition, and by the way I use KDE. I have made some others upgrades, but I do not know any convenient way of main maintaining user's configurations; for kmail, Firefox, etc. I have previously made them by hand, and it take a lot of time. Is there an convenient way of installing Mandriva 2008, maintaining the old user, with all its documents, kmail's messages, kmail's filters, konqueror cookies, etc? (Obviously Thank for your input
  6. Excuse me, I sent my previous post too fast, and with too few information. I was trying to see the films with KMPlayer, as it is installed, without changing the configuration. I have installed win32-codecs and applied all updates to the system, but there were no images. The initial configuration uses Xine as the backend. With this configuration there are no images. But after changing the back-end to MPlayer the KMPlayer works nicely. :D
  7. I have the same problem. I do have installed win32-codecs, but wmv films are played without image. Any hint is wellcome.
  8. Grace is a good option http://plasma-gate.weizmann.ac.il/Grace/
  9. Finally I got the solution . Reading the manuals is a good thing, but sometimes there are too many manuals. In the site KDE for System Administrators, there is the page Environment Variables that says: KDE_LANG To Overrides the KDE language configuration, e.g. "KDE_LANG=fr kprogram &" starts a program with french translation if the necessary files are installed.
  10. Is this a feature of Mandriva or of the new versions of KDE? In my computer I have installed two distributions, RedHat 8.0 and Mandriva2006. In RedHat8.0 there are no problems to have one KDE app in language A, other in language B, and the remaining in language C. As can be seen in the attachment. In the screenshot you can see that the general locale is pt_PT.iso88591, and two different konquerors, one in en_GB and the other in pt_BR. The pt_BR version is similar to the pt_PT version (that is not shown), but slightly different.
  11. No, I don't want all KDE menus in French. I just want one program in French, and the others programs in Portuguese.
  12. One question please. Is me the only one that have this problem? I would thank that somebody using Mandriva2006 make a test, and confirm if this is a bug or just my problem. Ramom
  13. It looks like that something went wrong with the screenshot. Let's try again.
  14. I had installed locales-fr, but exporting LANG do not work in my computer. Even arfter runing: export LC_ALL=fr export LC_LANG=fr as can be seen in the attached screenshot.
  15. Some times it is suitable that a program use a language different from the system default. For example to run lyx without problems. The classic way to do it in linux is setting the LANG environment variable before starting the program, ex: LANG=fr_FR lyx But in Mandriva 2006 this do not work. Do anybody know how to achieve this in Mandriva? Ramom [moved from Installing Mandriva by spinynorman]
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