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  1. ati replaces the opengl system used by xfree with its own.

    it looks like mandrake isn't happy about that!


    not quite sure what to do about that, perhaps you could try and find that driver on mandrake's sites. They might have remade the rpm specially for mandrake linux.

  2. What I meant about the disks was, I'm going to burn the system disks before installing the ATI drivers incase I  FUBAR my boot sequence or something. I don't want to do too much without having the ability to reinstall LILO.

    ahhhh, very sensible, the mandrake install cd is good for sorting out boot problems :-)


    for you kernel version, type 'cat /proc/version'

    /proc is full of information about your system, a couple of examples are in my signature.

  3. theres a lot of people saying, 'no don't touch that scary 2.6 kernel!'


    in this case, that might well be wrong.

    1) 2.6 has a fully working nvidia lan driver

    2) 2.6 has a agpgart driver for the nforce chipsets

    3) improved support for usb2


    So, 2.6 is better in 3 of the major ways you would have problems with that mobo. The only other would be sata, which i don't know about.


    Have you backed up your stuff and are you prepared to play with your system?

  4. i have the same card as you (a 9700 - just yours but a bit quicker :P )

    and let me tell you, its not easy, but i have it working, and get about 2000 fps (i was getting 4000 at one point, i seem to have done something... grrr)


    i didn't get mine working in mandrake, i use gentoo, but to a large extent that is probably irrelevant.


    you'll be using xfree86 4.3.0 with mandrake 9.2, tell me which mobo do you have?


    one more thing, installing the drivers and altering your xfree86 config file can cause your system to be unbootable, believe me, its a hassle. perhaps have a knoppix disc at the ready.

  5. i have a sony dsc p71 digital camera (i imagine my experience will probably apply to the whole p series).

    /dev/sdb1  /mnt/camera	vfat  user,ro,umask=0  0 0


    as you can see, i was scared of losing my precious pictures to an accident with linux, so i played it safe with ro. I recommend you do the same, at least until you are confident.

    My device is sdb1, just because i already had a usb hard drive, use your sda1 if thats yours.




    ps, i'm using mine on the 2.6.3 kernel too, works like a charm


    edit: i missed out your kde questions, i'm a gnome user so can't really help, all i know is that i can unmount and mount by right clicking on the desktop. Be sure to unmount before you disconnect! that advice is even given in windows, albeit in different words.

  6. when you do the make menuconfig step, it'll be somewhere in


    device drivers > Networking Support > Ethernet (10 or 100 Mbit)


    then include "Reverse engineered nforce ethernet support (EXPERIMENTAL)"


    don't let the EXPERIMENTAL put you off ;-)

    good luck!

  7. re: the nforce motherboard


    the new 2.6 kernel has the reverse engineered driver for eth0, a driver for nvidia AGPgart plus sound is supported as it always was (i think).


    edit: oh yeah, my experiences

    it all works fine in 2.6.3 if that helps.

    networking, zero problems, sound is beautiful.

    graphics, now thats another story, but possibly caused by my radeon 9700pro. I have got it working though, been playing ut2k4 and enemy territory. If i can get it working with a 9700pro (really evil card for linux) then most things should be possible.

  8. tyme, on mobos (excluding the new athlon64s) the agp port is controlled by the northbridge on the motherboard (amongst other stuff like memory control and communication to the southbridge and beyond).


    My northbridge is made by nvidia, even on windows you have to install their agpgart driver. All this means is that i have to get an evil bit of nvidia hardware working, and an evil bit of ati hardware working, together!

  9. i use mandrake on my laptop and gentoo on my desktop.


    Gowater, i have an nforce shuttle pc too, an absolute nightmare. I'm trying to get DRI to work atm, but to compound the problems of Nvidia's stupid AGPgart, i have a Radeon 9700pro, Linux's worst enemy!


    I have pretty much the fastest processor (2400+) and graphics card around, but still can't play games :(

  10. it certainly is, you just put a line in your fstab like you would to mount anything else, or you can use smbmount.


    i think the line you use is something like:


    //serveraddr /mount/point smbfs some,options,here some,numbers,here


    The best bet would be to do it using the mandrake control centre, there is a samba mount points utility somewhere, i just can't remember what subsection its in, good luck!

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