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  1. Once installed then follow the questions to set up importing address book is easy as long as it is the CSV type file. Larry.
  2. My first choice is Thunderbird. the schedule in Evolution is nice but not used alot. Larry
  3. I would like to use evolution but cannot figure out how to import my address book. some will accept csv files. I now use thunderbird but lately it seems to shut down while deleting mail. a window from Netscape seems to pop up asking for a problem report and I have filled them out but who knows when it will have any effect on the problem. anyone know how to convert the address book to get it into Evolution? Larry.
  4. I agree with Azureus is a nightmare to install and setup I am still reading notes to try. I have used bittornado in windows and right now trying to install it. I downloaded the tar file in a terminal I unzipped it to my folder. then did a cd bittornado-cvs then can't seem to get it to install? any help would be appreciated. I use firefox. I did not try to install using SU. Any Help would be appreciated.
  5. Thanks again for all your help. right now I just ran out of space downloading and since I manually set this thing up I am not sure how to add more space so I am going to rebuild it. I need the practice in re installing some things. take care Larry.
  6. I did the cable swap but it made no difference. I believe that after the install they are looking for the cd1 and that is why it opens the cdrom. they do not have it programmed right to look for the dvd drive when you install from a dvd. Larry.
  7. Thank you. Since you mention /etc/fstab I am getting an error that line 8 in this file is bad. it has to do with my floppy drive and I posted the error in hardware. is this a file that I can run say gedit against and make changes to providing I know what I am changing? Thanks for the help. Larry.
  8. scarecrow thank you for the suggestion. But will that not mess up other OS systems? I also use Fedora and windowsXP Larry.
  9. I was an early seeder for the new release of 2006. I finally finished the download of the DVD and this morning did an update to my existing 2006 RC2. All went without errors until the reboot and I got the following on the screen Please insert the medium named "The Ultimate Linux Desktop DVD" on device[/dev/hda] Press enter when ready first the cdrom drive opens and since this is a DVD it is the wrong drive. is there some command that can be entered to make it accept the DVD from the proper drive? Has anyone else either installed or upgraded from this new release? I know my bittorrent was very active all day and night uploading this release. Appreciate any help or suggestions as to what I can do. Larry.
  10. Trying to install firefox 1.0.7 or I guess any version that will allow me to load Java and FlashPlayer. I get the error that the compiler is looking for libstdc++.so.5 and I have searched for that but cannot or did not see the exact name as here. Any help or suggestions on how to keep my RC2 install using x64 running on a AMD processor and just get rid of the current firefox and installing a i686 version. I think I can leave the current firefox and install a i686 version in my home directory and then set up a desktop link to the i686 version but I still need the libstdc application. sound dumb or is it something that could work? Larry [moved from Hardware by spinynorman]
  11. Thanks to everyone for the help on Thunderbird. I found a site www rpm org and finally made a list of the various commands and got it all cleaned up. I had a rpm that I downloaded from the mandriva site so I knew that it was good for 2005LE. Larry
  12. If you get a bunch of replies its because its the first time I have used this system Do you know the command to issue in a terminal to delete a program? I got the rpm downloaded and I had deleted the folders in my /home/larry bot now it says that it is already installed? I did a new re install of 2005le and it cannot be there Thank You Larry
  13. I had downloaded from the mozilla site and probably too new a release so I did download the rpm deleted the folders but now it tells me it is already installed is there a command to use in the terminal window to delete a program/// Thank You Larry
  14. I am trying to add thunderbird. I am running Mandriva 2005LE I log in as SU do a tar -xzvf /home/larry/thunderbird ----------- then it unzipps I then cd to thunderbird then do a ./thunderbird but when I try to run it with the command /home/larry/thunderbird/thunderbird it comes up with all of the question windows to set up the e-mail account and if you set it up then of cours when you try to run it again it comes back with the same questions again and in the background it shows the e mail along with all of the mail in the inbox where did I go wrong during the installation. Thank You Larry
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