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  1. Just curious what program I could use for this. I have tried various solutions that have had little success, due to sound not matching no sound at all, etc. Any tips or software ideas would be great. What works for you?
  2. Well I must be lying then... j/k. Seriously though, I'm sure it's something with my notebook, but something that will unfortunately have me using another version of Linux for the time being.
  3. It seems as though it is going well and all fails with this error: /dev/hdc : error open volume Then follow that with a bunch of SQUASHFS errors and mount errors before it drops me into ash
  4. Sure, stick around and I'm going to reboot...
  5. I have burned two separate copies of the KDE version of One and a copy of the Gnome version and it will not boot on my computer either. When I boot, it goes through the initial menu, then the kernel load, but then spits out errors and drops me into a shell. Any ideas because this is brand new to any version of LInux, 2007.1, OpenSuse 10.3, Ubuntu whatever have all worked fine from the dvd-rom for installation as my notebooks internal is dead.
  6. I just think that all the comments like, I just don't think it will work are funny considering in a practical sense, no one knows what the concept is that they are saying won't work.
  7. I'm using opera, and I like it a lot. Very happy with this browser. Probably going to be my primary. Very nice as free.
  8. No worries, I didn't change my mind. Posts with no backing and negativity just are troll posts IMO and get ignored. I'll be installing in the next half hour!! :) Not that I didn't like Ubuntu, it was great for me. I'm just looking for a change for a bit. It's almost working too smoothly. lol.
  9. But, is KDE inherently better somehow, because I used it on Suse, and it was fine. I just configured it to look somewhat like gnome. :)
  10. Are better, I haven't come over yet. I intended on putting the 2.10 on from cooker. Thanks for talking me out of it. :) j/k
  11. I'm coming to try Manrdiva and give it a fair shake as I've been impressed by what many have said and the community here. I'm coming from Ubuntu, and quite honestly, it was enormously successful for me there. The only thing not configured when all was said and done was my internal media card reader on my HP zv5410 notebook. In any case, I look forward to going home tonight and giving Manrdiva the shot that it deserves, as I've put it on before, in a flurry of testing, and never quite gave it the time I think it should have, as I think it's going to be a very solid distro for me. I'm sure I'll be around. How is Mandriva's version of Gnome? I prefer gnome, and some distros really let it slide,s o I was wondering of opinions on this matter.
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