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  1. I'm currently on hols at the minute but will have to give it a go. Just to clarify, is what you posted to replace the "SA" that is located somewhere in the middle? Because this is the only instance it can replace. It could appear in the last four characters and this one I wouldn't want to replace. I won't be back in to check it until the end of the month :)
  2. If you upgraded your system from one release to another, it is possible that some KDE config files might not have upgraded correctly and could be causing problems. You can rename/remove the old KDE config, or alternatively, just create a new user, and move all your data across to this one, then you would be sure that no other config files are conflicting. I always do this, it's easy enough to reset config of KDE settings for look, etc, of course, some directories I copy into place like for pidgin and SSH as I need this config.
  3. It works because xorg is auto-detecting stuff instead of being told what configuration to use with the generated xorg.conf you had previously. Chances are that XFdrake is generating you a bad xorg.conf which is what is causing your problems. See how you go and let us know if everything is better.
  4. I don't want you to generate a new one, let xorg auto-detect everything, so remove it so that it doesn't exist. The generated one might be causing all your problems.
  5. One thing to try which I found while searching about the fbcon error. In your home directory, check to see if you have a .xinitrc file? If you have, delete it, or move it somewhere else so that it is not found in your home directory. This will be /home/username/.xinitrc, so move it to Documents or Downloads so that it won't be read. Another alternative, is to go to /etc/X11 and rename xorg.conf to xorg.conf.backup so that xorg will then dynamically run and detect everything automatically. Does your system work any better after that? If not, then the only thing next worth trying is opening a bug with PCLOS. But try moving that .xinitrc file first, see if any better. If not, rename the xorg.conf and restart and see if any better?
  6. Since X disappears giving the black screen and cursor, please post the xorg.conf and the /var/log/Xorg.0.log so that we can see if anything is out of the ordinary. You posted the xorg.conf before, but if it has changed, please post the new one.
  7. No, the spaces identify the next number in the file. Instead of each number being on a new line, they are separated by a space - probably by the system that generated the file. As far as I'm aware, the space is always the same - a single space.
  8. Will have to try it. Problem is the text file has one single line of all these numbers separated by spaces. It's a pity each number isn't on a separate line, then it might be easier to parse the file. For example, it would look like this: 123456SA3456 098775443SA6666 and so on instead of having each number on a separate line. A colleague went and did it with perl, so I'll have to play with this with the file they sent me and see what I can do :) I need to replace the SA in the middle.
  9. OK, cool, hope the pub was good. Could do with some myself.
  10. Check if dbus is started and running. If the service is dbus, then: chkconfig --list dbus if it's "ON" for runlevels 3, 4 and 5 it should be running. You can check with: service dbus status in case it's not dbus, take a look at the list of services in full with: chkconfig --list I would expect it's enabled though.
  11. Will be interesting to see if anyone knows how I can do this :) I need to replace some text, the first 6 - 9 characters are numbers. Then there are two letters, of which then follow four more characters which are a mix of numbers. There is a possibility that the two letters that proceed the first 6 - 9 characters could occur in the last four, so need to make sure I only replace the first instance that follows the first 6 - 9 characters. I'm thinking of sed, but I'm not sure exactly how I can get it to find the 6 - 9 characters, and then replace the two letters with a new string. Any ideas?
  12. John, it depends on the distro and their implementation of pulseaudio. I've seen good and bad implementations of it. Admittedly its much better now than it used to be, but there are a still a few issues, the microphone being one. Mostly though, it's OK.
  13. Skype can work with PulseAudio. You just need to know where to set the options for the microphone. Under the sound setup you sometimes have to look and see how many Microphone options there are, sometimes there are two to choose one and switching from one to the other would give you what you needed to use. I'm using Skype with Pulseaudio, have audio and video working fine. Just you need to look in a different place for the configuration, not in skype.
  14. If she's running Skype 4.2 it's a pain the lag is bad. We removed it from our Windows computer and downgraded to 4.0 or 4.1 because 4.2 sucked big time. Chances are this is what you are experiencing. Solution, downgrade 4.2 and disable the option for automatic updating. I haven't checked to see if there is anything newer than 4.2 to see if the problem goes away, and I don't want to try and then have to go to the hassle of removing and reinstalling 4.1 again.
  15. Yes you are correct, it was responsible for that.
  16. I expect that if snapshots are not enabled, then in general it's not doing anything. The daemon is running and that is all. The same on my laptop with Evolution Notify, that is there for calendar alarms. Now if I was using Evolution, it would be perfectly fine to have it enabled, as I would want to know about alarms that I had set. But as I'm not, the daemon is running but I'm not using it. You can safely remove it, to free up the little memory that the daemon is using. You have no scheduled jobs or anything, so no backups are being made - as you've not configured it.
  17. I never used those options anyway, I simply did what they suggested naturally and probably most people did that as well, so I can understand why they dropped them.
  18. So many releases just to keep up with version numbering. It's the psychological number game :)
  19. It's been out a while :) or maybe you meant to write Firefox 5 :)
  20. You don't need to switch to runlevel 2 using init 2 to do this. You can just log out of X and just CTRL-ALT-F1 to the console, login as your regular user and remove the .kde4 directory. Then just switch back to X with ALT-F7. No reboot required either.
  21. Well it seems you are using the intel driver according to your config. However, for sure, check /var/log/Xorg.0.log for more info and problems. Ideally, lines with WW or EE are ones to look for. Eg: cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep EE cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep WW to filter for these lines. Alternatively, open the whole log file, and see if you can find anything relating to intel, i810, i915, etc.
  22. Check your /etc/X11/xorg.conf and see if anything in here is relating to the i810 or similar drivers. You can change it in here to "intel" to get it to use the better ones. Of course, if no xorg.conf, then it's guessing the one to use.
  23. You'll have a hard job with the 2006 minimal, as you'd need to upgrade via many versions: 2006 - 2007 2007 - 2008 2008 - 2009 2009 - 2010 and you can't upgrade by more than two versions. So if 2006.0 you'd have to upgrade at max to 2007.0. You couldn't do 2006.0 to 2007.1 for example. and I think a lot of them won't be available on urpmi mirrors, but you could make a mirror yourself easy enough and use this for the urpmi tasks. It's enough just to have an FTP or HTTP server running, and mount the CD/DVD repo is accessible and then upgrade this way. Then later, once you're at 2009 or 2010, you can then clear the local mirror and use an internet mirror for further updates. Haven't used OpenVZ enough to explain how to make yourself 2010 outright.
  24. I use VLC mostly :) sometimes totem.
  25. Ubuntu had something similar, that when you tried to play something in Totem or similar it would say that there is no codec and offer that you can install from Fluendo or the free codecs. I guess something here with yours is just offering the Fluendo codec and not the alternative. Haven't used Amarok for years, but could find out what codecs it's attempting to use (maybe gstreamer) and install the appropriate ones and see if it works.
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