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  1. Ok, I'll check it out. Thanks for the clarification.
  2. Lärs

    Cool Free FPS Game

    What makes Cube so small is the innovative engine. If you think about it, Cube saves megabytes by using "Cubes" instead of having a billion polygons making up the map. Yes, Cube's multiplayer has sparked in recent months. I usually find myself going to an empty server and end up with many people playing instagib with me hahah. One of the coolest modes, a new concept I think, is DMSP... My record is something like 30 frags in 45 seconds.
  3. Well, it seems that I'm having more trouble with USB devices. I think this one would take a different measure to correct. The other day, I bought a Logitech Dual Action USB GamePad. I plugged it in my USB port and ran HardDrake. But for some reason, HardDrake won't load, lest detect it, and my comp crashes when I boot up and autodetection takes place. I've tried several things. What I did first is disabled supermount, as USB devices seem to slow down my system when it's enabled. I modprobed joydev (in konsole and in the pure X-less console), and it seemed to work out fine. Then I ran ZSNES to test if the joystick would work. Apparently not. I've given up since then. I'm running KDE 3.2 with Mandrake 10.1 Official. What must I do to get HardDrake to properly detect it and *maybe* load the Module on boot, without hanging? Any suggestions?
  4. Yes, I am using KDE under 10.1. And I have been having trouble with USB devices. Thanks for your comments. I'm going to read about the camera to attempt to find out how to fix my USB issues. I'll probably have to update my system. Thank you for your comments.
  5. Thank you all for your replies. I'm going to try them out. And yes, I've typed mount at the console and found out that supermount used /dev/sda1 to mount to /mnt/removable.
  6. I have no CD burner in my comp, so I go by using USB Pen Drives. When I put in my Pen Drive, it is detected and mounted to /mnt/removable (by Supermount I assume). Now, reading from the Pen Drive is ok. However, Konqueror doesn't load when I try to browse it. I've been able to read from it using the console. Yet after I have the Pen Drive in, my comp is *horribly* slow. Every time I try to write/copy to the drive, it fails (makes a 0 byte file). I have no idea how to unmount it as well (I admit, I am a *nix beginner :D ) so I end up having to reboot to salvage any speed. Can somebody help me? I'm also curious on how to unmount the drive through the console. All feedback is appreciated.
  7. I'm glad I could help. Yet I'm a mere Linux newbie myself :lol: .
  8. Ah that's a pity. All I really would be looking for is a terrain renderer that can have one with an untrained eye state, "Wow, the alps!" :D But I will look into your feedback welcome more. I might try to complain to the Terragen people, although I highly doubt at this stage of their development that it would be too time-consuming, heh :lol: . So thanks for the input.
  9. Hello everyone. I was wondering what a good, decently photorealistic terrain renderer for *nix would be. If anything, I would like to see something along the lines of Terragen, with heightmaps and possible options to change the view, add fog etc. Is there anything of this sort available? Thank you for any feedback. :lol:
  10. If you are one of those people who tried to install the NVidia drivers under Mandrake 10 and never had success, here is a fresh method that works nicely (at least in my case). Check out the NVidia Mandrake Driver tutorial at Delboy's Web Corner! Not only is this site an excellent resource for installing the NVidia Drivers, it is a good Mandrake resource as well. The tutorial involves installing the 6111 drivers, as the 6629 drivers don't work for everyone (at least not myself). I followed the guy's method step by step!!!
  11. Do you mean that you want your monitor to turn off after a duration of idle time?
  12. ICQ is like the father of AOL Instant Messenger. But recently, I think ICQ is now merged with the AIM Server (oscar.aol.com). So now AIM and ICQ clients are completely compatible. Heck, under gaim, ICQ and AIM are under the same option! ... I use Gaim for AIM. There are many better chat protocols out there, such as IRC, but everyone I know personally uses AIM... .
  13. Lärs

    xmms crashing

    Are you using multiple musepack plugins simultaneously? Under Properties->Preferences in xmms, try enabling one musepack plugin at a time, as different plugins may be crashing. If you've only used one xmms musepack plugin, try searching for other plugins (if there are any). I found nothing of the sort myself.
  14. Thank you for your help. Now I can jam to my tunes .
  15. Greetings. I am running Mandrake 10.1 Official. I have an Aureal Au8810 Soundcard, and I have Alsa and KDE installed. I am unsure if I have the Jack sound server installed. Anyways, I've been wondering how I can get my Aureal's MPU-401 working with /dev/sequencer. I believe Aureal has MPU-401 midi... Anyways, how can I set up my midi to work, and what software do I need to install? Btw I'm using the soundcard drivers that came with Mandrake. Thank you for all feedback
  16. The UrPmI command assisted me in my search for what I wished to install. Then, I popped in Mandrake Linux Disc 1 and luckily I found what I needed on the CD. Thank you for your help. .
  17. Apparently, the other day I was uninstalling certain pieces of software using rpmdrake or drakrpm or whatever, and somehow the Mandrake Linux Control Center was also uninstalled (or so I believe). At least the Mandrake utilities were removed from the menu, and I cannot run drakconfig from the console. So, does anybody know how I can remedy this problem? I do not have an internet connection currently on my Linux machine, so I won't be able to use urpmi with the net. I have the first 3 Mandrake 10.1 CDs. Is there a way to reinstall from the rpms on the CDs? Help will be appreciated .
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