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Guest Joe Black 1998

Installing kMyMoney on Mandriva 2010.0

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Guest Joe Black 1998

Installing kMyMoney on Mandriva 2010.0


kMyMoney was not included in the application packages distributed with Mandriva 2010.0. However the following steps should allow you to easily install kMyMoney in a clean installation of Mandriva 2010.0 (You MUST be connected to the Internet for this installation).


Open "Tools"/"Konsole (Terminal)"

At the prompt type: su

This will be followed by a prompt for your root password


In "Konsole", now type (or paste) the following:


urpmi.addmedia --distrib --mirrorlist 'http://jjorge.free.fr/packages/mandriva/$RELEASE.$ARCH.list'



This will add the media necessary for you to easily install kMyMoney using the "Mandriva Linux Control Center".


Now open the "Mandriva Linux Control Center". This should open in the "Software Management" screen. Click on the "Configure media sources for install and update". You will notice three new media sources at the bottom of the list:





In the upper left corner click "File" / "Update" (or just "CTRL+U"). This will update your new media sources.


Now click "OK" to return to the "Mandriva Linux Control Center - Software Management" screen. Click "Install and Remove Software".


In the upper left corner of the screen you will see a drop-down box typically set to the default of "Packages with GUI". Change this to "All". (THIS IS IMPORTANT - otherwise for some reason it won't display "kMyMoney" as an available package)


Now in the "Find" field type "kMyMoney2" and hit Enter. "kmymoney2" should now appear as a package available for you to install!


Click the check box by "kmymoney2" and then the "Apply" button.


You will then be prompted to select either the "Flash", "Free", "One" or "Powerpack-kde-config-2009.0-8mdv2009.0.noarch" Clicking any of these should work.


A dialog box titled "Additional packages needed" will appear listing several packages that will need to be installed. Click "OK". Then click "Apply".


Another dialog box titled "Confirmation" will appear listing the several packages that will be installed. Click "Yes". The packages will then download and install themselves.


Unfortunately, although installed, "kMyMoney" will not appear in your menu or on your desktop. But the executable file is located at "/opt/kde3/bin/kmymoney2".


To create a link to "kMyMoney" on your desktop, move your mouse to an empty spot on your desktop and right click. In the menu that appears, click "Create New" / "Link to Application". Another menu will appear. Click the "Application" tab, then click the "Browse" button (by the "Command" field"). Now click "Root" and locate "/opt/kde3/bin/kmymoney2" then click "Open" (or you can just paste "/opt/kde3/bin/kmymoney2" into the field).


Now click the "General" tab and change the title from "Link to Application" to "kMyMoney". You will also see an icon to the left that appears like a piece of paper with a blue question mark. Click this icon. This will display a new menu where you can locate and select the "kMyMoney" icon ("System icons" - "Applications"). Click "OK"


You should now have a linked icon to "kMyMoney" on your desktop! If the icon doesn't display properly - or if you can't locate it (this is a problem on some computers) try refreshing your desktop and/or reboot. This often solves the problem.



Mandriva 2010.0 Updates un-install kMyMoney


After getting kMyMoney working, "Mandriva Update" will periodically want to remove kMyMoney in order to update certain "Mandriva specific" files. So far these include:





The exact warning message is:


The following packages have to be removed for others to be upgraded:


(due to missing kde-config-file,

due to missing libkdecore.so.4,

due to missing libkdeinit_kconf_update.so,

due to missing libknewstuff.so.1,

due to missing libkdeinit_kaddprinterwizard.so,

due to missing libkdeinit_kcmshell.so,

due to missing libkdeinit_kio_http_cache_cleaner.so,

due to missing libkdeui.so.4,

due to missing libkdeinit_kio_uiserver.so,

due to missing libkdeinit_kded.so,

due to missing libkdeinit_kcookiejar.so,

due to missing libkdeinit_kbuildsycoca.so,

due to missing libDCOP.so.4,

due to missing libkdefakes.so.4,

due to missing libkdeinit_dcopserver.so,

due to missing libkabc.so.1,

due to missing libkdeinit_cupsdconf.so,

due to missing libkdeinit_klauncher.so,

due to missing libkparts.so.2,

due to missing libkio.so.4,

due to missing libkunittest.so.1)


(due to missing libkdecore.so.4,

due to missing libkdeui.so.4,

due to missing libkhtml.so.4,

due to missing libDCOP.so.4,

due to missing libkabc.so.1,

due to missing libkutils.so.1,

due to missing libkio.so.4,

due to unsatisfied libkmymoney20 == 1.0.2-1abd2009.1,

due to missing libkmm_mymoney.so.5,

due to missing libkmm_kdchart.so.0,

due to missing libkmm_plugin.so.0)


(due to unsatisfied kdelibs3-common == 30000000:3.5.10-11mdv2009.1)


(due to missing libkdecore.so.4,

due to missing libkdeui.so.4,

due to missing libkio.so.4)



This is because Mandriva 2010.0 "wants" to remove everything prior to KDE4. But this is not a problem.


If you proceed with this update, afterward simply return to the "Mandriva Linux Control Center - Software Management" screen. Click "Install and Remove Software". Then select and re-install "kMyMoney2" from the list (which should still be intact). This should re-establish your desktop (menu) links - and kMyMoney should once again work. :-)




MANY thanks to José Jorge for the URPMI media sources!!!

I performed the above on my HP G60 Notebook with no problems at all - and on my AMD desktop (with the minor display problems described above). Please consider posting these instructions on other forums so that Mandriva 2010.0 users can continue to enjoy kMyMoney.



[moved from Software by spinynorman - welcome aboard :)]

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