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Switching to virtual tty 1-6 no longer works


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Since 'some time' (a few weeks), my box no longer responds to Ctrl-Alt-F1 (0r 2, 3, ... 6) to switch to one of the 6 vttys. I have verified that these actually get started and are running (pgrep -l tty shows me 6 instances of mingetty). chvt does work (provided you use it as root -- found out that non-root can only use it on vttys) and the vtty works as normal. The only hunch I have is that this may be linked to an upgrade of x11 that I installed a fortnight ago:


[RPM] x11-data-xkbdata-1.5-3.2mdv2009.1 installed

[RPM] x11-server-common-1.6.1-5.7mdv2009.1 installed

[RPM] libmesaglut3-7.3-1.3mdv2009.1 installed

[RPM] x11-server-xorg-1.6.1-5.7mdv2009.1 installed

[RPM] libmesagl1-7.3-1.2mdv2009.1 removed

[RPM] x11-server-common-1.6.1-2.3mdv2009.1 removed

[RPM] libmesaglut3-7.3-1.2mdv2009.1 removed

[RPM] x11-server-xorg-1.6.1-2.3mdv2009.1 removed

[RPM] libmesaglu1-7.3-1.2mdv2009.1 removed

[RPM] x11-data-xkbdata-1.5-3mdv2009.1 removed


But ... this is only motivated by the fact that a couple of years ago (link) something like that happened. I do not fancy reversing an upgrade to X to try finding out, so anybody out there who has similar problems. The only other clue is that when starting an xterm (rxvt-unicode actually), giving it focus and pressing Ctrl-Alt-F1 results in 1^. Ctrl-Alt-F2 in 2^ etc on the command line.

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