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installed KDE 3.5, lost sound (or may be not?)


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The topic says it... Sound is lost after installing KDE 3.5.10. Sound works in mplayer, but when I am trying to test system notifications in KDE 3.5.10 control center (kcontrol), I hear nothing but silence from the speakers. If that helps, I had the same problem with KDE 4.2, but then I just disabled pulseaudio, and that was all it needed. Pulse audio is still disabled. Any ideas please?


Edit: This is completely beyond my understanding - I stopped the sound system (untick "Enable the sound system in kcontrol -> Sound and Multimedia -> Sound system"), Then started it again, and I just got a progress bar growing from 0 to 100% over and over again. I lost my patience and just closed the KDE 3.5 control center, and opened it again. To my amusement, I can now hear the KDE startup and logout jingles, and the system beep (wav files), but I could not test any other sounds (ogg). Also, amarock does not pickup wav files, but rythmbox, xine can play wavs just fine.



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