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Guest JGoddard

Downloading vlc player [solved]

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Guest JGoddard



I have just got my first linux computer and am trying to download vlc player, I have downloaded the offical and plf medias from easy urpmi as the vlc player website tells me to, but when I run the command


# urpmi libdvdplay0 wxvlc vlc-plugin-a52 vlc-plugin-ogg vlc-plugin-mad libmatroska0


I am told "No package named libdvdplay0", I get this respose when I try it logged in as root as well.


Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong would be greatly apprieciated!





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Try doing this:


urpmf --name libdvdplay


and see if it shows any results. If it does, then rerun the command replacing libdvdplay0 with the package that got displayed from the results above. There might be a few, but perhaps the package is libdvdplay now without the 0 at the end.


If you don't have any results, please post us the output from this command:


urpmq --list-media


so we can see what repos you've got installed and set up from using the easyurpmi commands.

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Guest JGoddard

I didn't get any results from:

urpmf --name libdvdplay

so, the output from:

urpmq --list-media




Main Updates

Main Testing

Main Backports

Main debug

Main Updates debug

Main Testing debug

Main Backports debug


Contrib Updates

Contrib Testing

Contrib Backports

Contrib debug

Contrib Updates debug

Contrib Testing debug

Contrib Backports debug


Non-free Updates

Non-free Testing

Non-free Backports





PLF Free

PLF Free debug

PLF Free backports

PLF Free backports debug

PLF Non-free

PLF Non-free debug

PLF Non-free backports

PLF Non-free backports debug

PLF Free2

PLF Free debug2

PLF Free backports2

PLF Free backports debug2

PLF Non-free2

PLF Non-free debug2

PLF Non-free backports2

PLF Non-free backports debug2


Main Updates2

Main Testing2

Main Backports2

Main debug2

Main Updates debug2

Main Testing debug2

Main Backports debug2


Contrib Updates2

Contrib Testing2

Contrib Backports2

Contrib debug2

Contrib Updates debug2

Contrib Testing debug2

Contrib Backports debug2


Non-free Updates2

Non-free Testing2

Non-free Backports2





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Guest JGoddard



I have managed to install it using the software management application.


Thanks for your help.



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