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Sound is dead in a sudden [solved]


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Just 1 hour ago, the sound was running fine. I came back, turn on movie player...it doesn't work...it's calm now.


To check whether my card is good or not. Switch into Windows, it's running fine.

So it's certainly Mandriva problem.


I don't know what to do now. Someone please help me!


Here a little info about my device


Vendor: ‎Intel Corporation

Description: ‎82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller

Media class: ‎Audio device

Bus: ‎PCI

PCI domain: ‎0

Bus PCI #: ‎0

PCI device #: ‎27

PCI function #: ‎0

Vendor ID: ‎0x8086

Device ID: ‎0x27d8

Sub vendor ID: ‎0x1179

Sub device ID: ‎0xff10

Module: ‎snd_hda_intel

Alternative drivers: ‎unknown


My system:


Linux localhost #1 SMP Sun Jul 5 19:57:54 EDT 2009 i686 Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU         T7200  @ 2.00GHz GNU/Linux


Thanks for your attention!


Best regards,



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