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Reboot and Start issues in 2010.0

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Hi all,


I've found some issues in recent - cooker version of Mandriva,

which seems to exist already a long time in some older versions.


1. Reboot hangs, cause it cant unmout /usr partition due to the programs

have some files open on it. Lsof tells me, that I have that problem

with gam_server and or probably something else which I need to discover.

by using killall gam_server in halt script on /etc/init.d I could

make reboot possible. Next day I've got same problem again and I don't no

yet if it is related to the system update which deleted my patch from halt script

or some other program which create the same effect.

Please look carefully - something must be wrong.


2. At boot time I'm getting the notification that certain locale has not been found.

It's clear - the /usr partition is not mounted yet.


I didn't found how to turn parallel boot off, cause it's annoying to see it every time.



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