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ext4 driver for windows


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The question is as above...

To my rather poor knowledge, ext4 partitions are readable under windows by the known drivers for ext2/3, but for achieving that you must disable barriers (no problem, I've already disabled that) as well as extents (which is an issue- it pretty much defies the usage of ext4).

I wouldn't mind a read-only driver, writing to ext4 is not a priority... but being able to read my ext4 partitions on the rare instances I boot into windozeXP would be handy.

And yeah, I know about the bugs that still are present on ext4, and that for certain things reiser 3.6 is rather faster, but I've converted to ext4 and I do not want to go back- at least until ButterFS gets some sort of reliability.

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If this is OK for you, maybe you could have your XP in VirtualBox instead of rebooting to XP ; then using VB's shared folders, you would have access from XP to any host folder/drive you want.



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I can already boot my XP installation both physically and as a virtual machine. Currently working with VMWare 6.5.2, but I'm considering switching to VirtualBox 3, once it will become less buggy.

I more or less followed the tutorial in Vbox forums ( http://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9697 ) with just a couple of adaptations.

However, I still need a few times to boot XP natively, as DirectX support is still incomplete in VMWare, and in VirtualBox it was just implemented, and many nuts and bolts are loose.

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