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METIN2 free network is a fantastic game. A lot of servers. Just sign up and login. Involves collecting and advancing technology, and teaching thinking. Have fun. Lex




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I have this advice. You need a set of msfonts


There is a lot of text, and the whole game looks very nice ... Lex

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Metin 2 does not work. The company introduced the patch to be collected automatically. But the error occurs.


The program Metin2.bin has encountered serious problems and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


Below is a note


This can be caused by a problem in the program or a dificiency in WINE. You may check this http://appdb.winehq.org for tips about running this application.


If this problem is not present under Windows and has not been reported yet, you can report it at http://bugs.winehq.org.

Below only CLOSE


Amendment attempts to download Ktorrent but does not work.

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Metin2 is working again

After making changes, it is best to run from the console file metin2client.bin.

You can try to start earlier metin2.exe

Description of the DirectX installation 9.x Linux can be found everywhere.

Good luck :D



Run in a window!

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