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help translating perl to bash

Guest wassup

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Hi everyone, i need to translate this perl script to bash, if someone could help me i would really appreciate it!


use strict;

my @data = `echo /home \`pwd\``;

my %data;
foreach my $line (@data){
next if !$line;
$line =~ s/(\/cd.*?)$//;
open(WRT," >> /home/user/log.txt");
foreach my $data (keys %data){
print WRT "$data\n";

thanks in advance!

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Sorry, I don't quite get what this script is supposed to do. Do you know?


It looks like the first line builds a string like "/home /home/user/current/working directory"

But then when you loop through this, there's only one entry, which is the string itself, so there's no looping going on.

Then you do some replacing, deleting stuff which starts with /cd, and then you append that modified string to the log flie.


I don't get the point! :unsure: are you trying to list files here?

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When you run that perl script on your machine, does it do what you want it to do? Because like I said, it doesn't appear to do what you want.


Have you tried something like

find /home/user/some/path -type d -mtime -2

to give a list of recently modified (not created) directories under the given path?

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