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KDE4.2 - can't add plasmoids to desktop [solved]


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I'm using KDE4.2 on Mandriva 2009.0, KDE installed from Mandriva's packages.


Everything was all right, but a couple of days ago, I observed, that i can't add plasmoids to the desktop and/or panel any more.

Any attempt in adding a plasmoid results in plasma freezing.


I have no idea where to start to look after the problem... any help would be appreciated.


I tried to start plasma from a console and see if there are any error when I add a plasmoid, but no, there is absolutely nothing shown there when I add a plasmoid, just plain plasma freeze.


Plasmoids are working without a problem if I run them with plasmoidviewer.



I've deleted ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma-appletsrc

Than readded all my plasmoids and reconfigured all lost desktop settings.

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