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what is ez-ipupdate?

chris z

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.....and, what exaclty does it do & do i need it?


i was having some e-mail problems this morning, so i decided to check MCC->services, to see if anything looked funky there. i noticed that i had 2 things loading on boot & running that i don't remember being there before, nor do remember installing them. one is "slpd" the other is "ez-ipupdate". the slpd info said it was "OpenSLP daemon for the Service Location Protocal" (whatever that means). i disabled the "slpd" & my mail started working again. i haven't disabled "ez-ipupdate" yet. from what i could find out, it's a program that updates dynamic ip addresses. i have an adsl connection with a dynamic ip address, so i was thinking that maybe i need this. but, as i said, i'm sure it wasn't running or even in services before & i don't remember installing or enabling anything like that. anybody have any info on this, &/or the "slpd" thing? any ideas as to how they got installed? is it safe to disable it? the only thing i can think of was a week ago i installed "privoxy" & played around with that a bit, but have since disabled it. could those 2 programs have something to do with the privoxy install? any answers will be welcome.



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You don't need either of those apps running.

ez-ipupdate is a small utility for updating your host name for any of the

dynamic DNS service offered at:


   * http://www.ez-ip.net

   * http://www.justlinux.com

   * http://www.dhs.org

   * http://www.dyndns.org

   * http://www.ods.org

   * http://gnudip.cheapnet.net (GNUDip)

   * http://www.dyn.ca (GNUDip)

   * http://www.tzo.com

   * http://www.easydns.com

   * http://www.dyns.cx

   * http://www.hn.org

   * http://www.zoneedit.com


it is pure C and works on Linux, *BSD and Solaris.


Don't forget to create your own config file ( in /etc/ez-ipupdate.conf )

You can find some example in /usr/share/doc/ez-ipupdate-3.0.11b7

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thanks anon!


i came across that same info you did while Googling. both are disabled now & everything is running as it should. but, how do you think they got there in the first place? the only one of those sites listed that i've ever been to is justlinux.com. that's where i got some info on the Privoxy program. do you think that when i installed Privoxy, it also installed & enabled those? Privoxy was starting at boot, too, but i disabled that a week ago. just curious as to how those things got there without my knowledge or permission.



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