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Gnome-do anyone?


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As my KDE3 version of 2009 has now been just about fully stuffed by the KDE4 virus, I decided to start again with a fresh install of 2009 Gnome. Now I don't think much of Gnome either, for me it only has one good feature and that is 'Gnome-do'. So I am sure you will be able to appreciate how much I laughed when I found that I can't get it to work properly :wall: . It loads OK but hardly any of the plugins work at all (it only lists 3). Does anyone else have this problem or know how to solve it. The plugin I really want to get working is the 'Files and Folders' one.


It may or may not be relevant, but when I switch to the Xfce Desktop it lists all the usual plugins but you can't select any of them except the 3 that Gnome lists (ie you cant put a tick in the checkbox to have them loaded).

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