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Increasing mcnlive.loop and retain changes

Guest willy01

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Guest willy01

Have been using PendriveLinux with mcnlive.loop for while and enjoy its functionality. One problem I have is when I need to increase the size of the mcnlive.loop file. I've used the graphical utility to create a new larger mcnlive.loop and have also used the following (after backing up original mcnlive.loop file first):


dd if=/dev/zero of=<location of mcnlive.loop file> bs=1M conv=notrunc count=1 seek=2500 (2.5 GB versus original 2.0 GB)

losetup /dev/loop1 <location of mcnlive.loop file>

e2fsck -f -y /dev/loop1 (some errors appear, but don't seem significant. Use -y to automatic fix errors)

resize2fs /dev/loop1

e2fsck -f /dev/loop1 (no further errors appear)

losetup -d /dev/loop1


Check of mcnlive.loop file with du -sh mcnlive.loop shows new size in place. Use of


mkdir -p testdir

mount -o loop <location of mcnlive.loop file> testdir


and same with original backed up mcnlive.loop file in same above manner to different mount directory, but find contents of both appearing to be the same (all files, ownership, and permissions same).


Booting up in persistent mode with newly increased mcnlive.loop file doesn't seem to work as I am booting into non-persistence mode. Copying backup mcnlive.loop file back into place and booting up persistence mode is fine with all changes in place.


As a further test, with newly increased mcnlive.loop file mounted and the original backup file mounted in differnet mount directory, removed all contents from large mcnlive.loop file and used:


cp -av /path/to/originalbackupfile/* /path/to/increasedmcnliveloopdir/


After all files copied and checked, umounted both and attempted to reboot into persistence mode (again with no success).


After above, found /usr/local/bin/mkmcnlive-loop script, but I believe same will develop after reading through script.


While it seems possible to increase size, is there any way to ensure changes made previously are retained or to copy all changes back over so that the newly increased mcnlive.loop file will boot up in persistent mode with changes retained?


Thank You

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