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Flash problem in Firefox


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Pulseaudio2 use MDV2009Spring.

What gives. Enhances the sound, adding various effects like reverb, chorus, echo etc. ..

Unless the signal is stronger through plugins volume, and above all, allows you to work several programs at once.


But I disabled it. I have two cards with a professional camera and microphone.

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oss v.4 is also supporting multiple sound inputs at once, it has a great mixer, and is compatible with nearly any existing soundcard and application. And it does sound great- IMO much better than both alsa and pulseaudio.

Unless you do care for MIDI support (which is flaky on oss v.4) then by all means go for it.

EDIT: I just read somewhere that while OSS v.4.1 does include its own wrapper for playing back flash v.9 and 10 files, in some distros it's compiled without such support, so one has to aditionally install libflashsupport.

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