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MDV2008.1 Updates Issue

Phil Edwards

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For quite a while now, every time I fire up my MDV2008.1 machine, the update manager (i.e. /usr/bin/mdkapplet) tells me that there is a newer version of the Evolution mail client available, but it can't be installed due to a missing dependency. Running an update from the command line confirms this:


$ sudo urpmi --auto --auto-select --update
Some requested packages cannot be installed:
evolution- (due to unsatisfied libgpilotdconduit.so.2)
evolution-exchange-2.22.3-1.1mdv2008.1.i586 (due to unsatisfied libgpilotdconduit.so.2)
$ rpm -q --whatprovides libgpilotdconduit
no package provides libgpilotdconduit


Based on past experience, this sort of error generally tends to be due to the repository mirror that I'm using being a bit out of date and it usually sorts itself out within a couple of days. I've been getting this message for the best part of 2 weeks and it shows no signs of going away. Other updates have been installed as normal during this period.


Has anybody else come across this and figured out a fix for it?

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I'd remove all your repos, and then add them again and see if it's different. Also, there is a file under /var/cache/urpmi - maybe called mirrors.xml or something, you can delete this, and then when you add your urpmi sources again, it will download a new up-to-date mirror list.

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