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Upgrade to 2009 - huge download [solved]

Chris H

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The blue arrow has reappeared on my desktop today.


Clicking it leads me to read that the downloaded files will be around 3.1 Gb is size. :wacko:


Shurely some mishtake?


Last time I used the blue arrow before it was pulled it only took an hour or two.



[moved from Installing Mandriva by spinynorman]

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Left it running overnight, got down this morning to discover an error popup. Clicked ok, can't remember that the error was and it carried on with downloading 106 packages.


Made the mistake of trying to open firefox and it basically stopped responding. Pulled the plug and restarted. Blue arrow reappeared but only wanted to install 3 exra packages.


Any idea what happened to the other 103?


Is there a command line urpmi I can use to force the rest of the update?



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