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permissions (in general) question

chris z

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(note for administrators/moderators.......i have another thread started concerning cdburner permissions. i didn't add this question to that thread because the topic here is different, even though it has to do with permissions. if you feel it should be moved to my other thread, please feel free to do so.)


ok, here's the scoop. been using MDK for 2 1/2 months now. i'm still a newbie, but i'm getting the hang of things more & more each day. one thing that i find to be an inconvenience is having to have root priveledges to access cetain files or run certain programs. before you tell me the dangers of "root", i am well aware of the damage that can be done with root powers. i know that there's a perfectly good reason that Linux is set up the way it is, with all powerful "root" & users given certain permissions by "root" so that they can do no real harm. BUT, i am the only user on my computer. no wife, no kids, no roomie, etc.... i am not on a network. i have a firewal in place & set up properly. i'm not going to do anything boneheaded that will jeapordize my system or setup. and there are ceratin necessary things that i need to do that i can't when i'm user "chris" unless i su over to root. (ex.....cdburning......editing fstab.......running MCC.......etc.) for instance, to access MCC as "chris" i can perform the follwing steps:

1. click kicker

2. click MCC

3.type root password

4.click "ok" or hit "enter"



1. click on terminal





6.type MCC



is there a way i can do something with the permissions to give me (as user "chris") more powers so that i don't have to go through extra setps to do things? again, with MCC as an example, if "chris" had root power over that i could just do:

1.click kicker, move point to MCC

2.click MCC


2 steps..........done! same thing with altering/editing certain files (fstab, lilo, ....). i either have to go through the terminal thing, or what i do that's a bit faster is run the KDE super user file manager, but that still involves several extra steps due to password requirements. ok, i know that all may sound trivial in the big scheme of things, but i was just hoping to be able to get some things accomplished in 1 step instead of 3 or more.


so, is there any magic setting that i can do to give "chris" who can get into "root" any time he wants, more "root" powers without jumping through hoops?


(please be gentle with your answers) :wink:

Chris (alias "root")

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What I did was this: I use kde, just dragged the mcc icon from the kicker menu onto my taskbar (did the same for most programs I use often, so I can start them with a single click).


Then, if you click it (as user chris on kde) there's a box, next to/below where you get to type the root password, that you can tick that allows you to use mcc without giving the root password; I think it just remembers the password, not sure how it works.


I don't use this, I just click the icon (or type mcc in a term) to start, then type my root password.


And normally, you should not need to run any program as root, esp after 2 months! :D

I just config everything in an hour or so (ok, find out missing stuff once in a while) then just use the machine.... ;)

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And normally, you should not need to run any program as root, esp after 2 months!


that's just the thing. there are things that need to run as root. my cdburning headaches, for example........file editing when/if necessary......anything having to do with MCC. mainly, the cdburner problems i keep having are what's driving me crazy the most. it just doesn't make sense that i can't use them properly as "chris". editing files........when i was going through the ide-scsi emulation thing, i needed to be able to edit fstab & lilo.conf, but i always had to go through the "root" routine. copying/pasting files..........can't access /etc/ files (for example) as normal user. just thought there was a hack (of sorts) that i could do things as "chris" instead of "root" when i need/want to.


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