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Kmail clock is off


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Here is a noobie question.


When I receive messages in Kmail, the receive

time has four hours added to it. The sent times in the

messages seem to be correct, given their locations

of origin.I cannot find anywhere to set a locale in the

settings dialogs. I assume that it is adding four

hours to my system clock.


Any ideas or clues about what I can do to

fix this.


Thanks in advance



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KMail syncs it's time with your system/KDE clock time. is your clock showing the correct time? you can adjust the time format in KMail by opening KMail, click "settings", click "configure KMail", click "appearance", click the "headers" tab, & look down to where it says "date display". as far as i know, you can't set the time, per se, via KMail. make sure your system/KDE time is correct. got company, gotta run.........


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Thanks for the feedback.


My clock seems to be OK and correct.

At least, that is what it is showing in the corner

of the screen. Also, the outgoing messages are

correctly timestamped.


The incoming messages also seem to be

correctly timestamped by the sender. It

is just the "recieved" time in my inbox that

is off by four hours. I am not sure that I

really understand what that number is supposed

to mean anyway. Received by what? There

are numerous receipt times in the headers.

Maybe the GMT offset is being used incorrectly

or something.


I tried reformatting the timestamp output,

but that just reformats the incorrect data.


Not a big deal. I will simply ignore that field

for now.


Thanks again



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  • 1 month later...

So, after all this time I have finally

figured out what Kmail is doing with the



Doh! :oops:


After poking around at the system clock again

I found that the computer was set up for

UCT instead of Eastern Time Zone.

So it was adding the four hours to translate

into "local" time.


I know that I told Mandrake to use

Eastern time zone at install time!!....... I could

swear that it asked and I said "Eastern"......but I

guess it didn't take...............


Anyway, I set the clock to Eastern time

zone, and it works great now.


Thanks to all for the help.


Linux rules!




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