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Huawei e220 again


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In every version of Mandriva that I have used (2008, 2008.1, 2009)I have run into the same problem with my Huawei e220 modem. When you first plug it in it is recognised and the light moves from 2 flashes/sec to 1 flash/sec which is its way of telling you that it has a network to which you can connect. However on each version, within about 60 seconds, this has changed back to 2 flashes/sec which means it has reset itself. This behaviour makes the modem completely unusable in any default install since 2008.


Way back in 2008 I discovered the solution, and this is it.


You go here:




You follow the top link which mentions the Huawei e220, you copy the file and add it to /usr/share/hal/fdi/preprobe/20thirdparty. Your modem will then work normally.


If I were a Mandriva dev, firstly I would investigate why this simple piece of code is not in Mandriva by default and secondly I would send a heartfelt email of congratulation (maybe even a donation?) to the writer of this piece of code in recognition of his bailing out every version of Mandriva since he wrote the script.

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you can now use this piece of software works a treat can sms check data balance etc https://forge.betavine.net/projects/vodafonemobilec/ problem is if you download it from here it won't work has some issues with python-abi.

but if you go to MCC add remove programs search for vmc (make sue you repo's are up to date) it will intstall it for you.


you might have to do the following in console


I've just uploaded a 'vmc' package to contrib/backports for 2008.1. If you haven't yet, enable the contrib/backports source in the software sources manager (or, if you haven't added all the sources yet, click Add, choose a .za mirror like mirrors.telkomsa.net, click ok, then check the enabled column for 'Contrib Backports'), then you should be able to find vmc in the package manager.


You may have to:

# chgrp daemon /etc/ppp/pap-secrets /etc/ppp/chap-secrets /etc/ppp/peers

# chmod g+rwX /etc/ppp/pap-secrets /etc/ppp/chap-secrets /etc/ppp/peers


Then add yourself to the daemon group:


# gpasswd -a username daemon


Then, log out, log back in, and start Vodafone Mobile Connect Card Driver for Linux from the "Internet" section of the menu.


i got this all from another forum works a treat

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Hi web, thanks for reminding me of that program. I used to use VMC when it first came out and it does work well with the Huawei. I didn't know it had made it to the Mandriva repos though. Unfortunately for me it doesn't work with my other modem - a ZTE model. It is recognised, but won't connect (in fact the connect button is greyed out, perhaps because this modem is used on another network I am not sure). The point is though that drakconnect handles these modems pretty well on its own once you overcome the problem I mentioned in my opening post, that is the main reason I switched to using Mandriva in the first place (although using VMC does give you a few 'extras' like sms messaging I grant you).


Lately though Mandriva 2008.1 has actually lost the ability to detect my ZTE modem at all(except as a storage device). The last time I used it (in July) it worked and now it doesn't, although Cooker detects both modems correctly. I'm at a loss to explain why that is.

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