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Setting up automatic PPPoE connection on boot


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Mandriva One Spring KDE




I need to set up an internet connection that uses PPPoE (with user name

and password) in Mandriva One Spring KDE for a friend.


I have tried using "create new connection" and choosing "DSL", etc.; but

I can't seem to make it work in a stable manner.


It worked once yesterday, and upon reboot, no longer works.


It looks like the system wants to connect to the Internet automatically

via the LAN (but it can't as the PPPoE is not set up on the default LAN

connection that comes out of the box).


At the moment, perhaps the 2 connections (the default LAN that comes setup out of the box during installation; and the DSL one I created) are in conflict each setup to automatically connect, etc.


What do I need to do so that when my friend (complete newbie) boots into

Mandriva One, it smoothly and automatically connects to the internet

using PPPoE?



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Im using pppoe, mandriva 2008.1.


configure it via adsl-setup , am not sure if it will prompt you to run adsl on boot., but if not, you may put it inside /etc/rc.d/rc.local.


and on my config, when I setup eth0 to start at boot, it will have conflict with ppp0, so I set it not to start auto and when ppp0 went up, it will also up.

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