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VLC won't play some menu DVDs with sound [solved]


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Hello all


I use VLC to play most of my movies. It works fine with half of the DVDs I have.


However, on some commercial dvds which have menus, and lots of subtitles, everything works except for the sound.


When I use another media player to play these same DVDs, everything including the sound works perfectly.


I have libdvdcss2 installed. I m using the version of VLC from the PLF repos.



Please help me solve my problem.

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Hello all, I made VLC play those DVDs with sound.


Ok, this is what I did:


After some Googling, I went to VLC's mandriva page.


I already had the contrib and plf repos enabled.


I installed all the packages it told me to install, except for libdvdplay0, which wasn't in the repos.



Now those DVDs, as well as those DVD's disk images, play with sound perfectly.




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