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Firefox 3.0 not saving information


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I'm running 2008 spring. I had Firefox installed. With it I had stored bank card log on information. This is info the bank uses to identify what account you want to log into. There is also a password that is not stored.


On FF3.0 I can enter the card data, give it a name and then use my password to log in. All seems to work the first time. If I log out, do other stuff, and come back to the bank site, the card info is still there. If I close FF, and then restart it, go to the banking site, the card info is gone.


I have set a master password. FF3.0 does store passwords for sites like this one. They are not lost.


I installed FF in /usr/lib/firefox as root so any user could use it. I created a desktop icon, FF launches from there without problems.


Is there some config option I need to alter to get FF to preserve the banking card data? Is there something in preferences to configure to fix this?


As always, your thoughts are welcome...


Update, I have fixed it. The fix is to delete your profile and create a new one. For what ever reason I don't understand, the old profile would not work in 3.0. I removed all the add ons as part of the PD. That didn't fix this problem, however I found FF is much faster loading without any add ons. I did add the bookmark sync add on, to retrieve my bookmarks.


Hope this helps someone else... B)

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