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Mandriva 2008.1 Errata


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Read the Mandriva 2008 Spring Errata for information on known problems with Mandriva 2008.1 and, where available, how to fix, avoid or work around them.


5 Resolved Issues

5.1 Running KDE Control Center Screen applet causes system to hang

5.2 No sound in KDE after a migration from previous releases of Mandriva

5.3 Eastern Arabic numerals used in Hebrew documents in OpenOffice.org

5.4 Bash completion broken for SCP


6 Installation issues

6.1 Upgrade from previous release fails with Undefined subroutine &MDK::Common::System::uniq called

6.2 Problem booting system after installation with software RAID

6.3 Boot fails with Could not find filesystem /dev/root after Upgrade from previous release


7 Kernel issues

7.1 One detects only up to 880MB of RAM


8 Hardware issues

8.1 Problems with Intel 3945ABG or 4965AGN wireless network hardware

8.1.1 Alternative drivers

8.2 Slow internet response (particularly web browsing)

8.3 Slow network response with Realtek wireless internet adapters (using the rt2500pci driver)

8.4 Mouse thumb buttons (back and forward buttons) not working


9 Software issues

9.1 Fluendo codecs package in Powerpack edition does not work

9.2 rpmdrake offers to set up repositories even when it has already been done

9.3 Network status applet reports wireless signal strength of over 100%

9.4 Wireless connection must be re-configured at each boot

9.5 Volume on-screen display stuck on and volume stuck at 0% in KDE

9.6 Firefox Flash plugin fails to work on x86-64 architecture

9.7 Firefox crashes on sites containing Flash

9.8 k3b verification of burned disc fails

9.9 Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring fails to boot when installed as a KVM guest system

9.10 No sound in Skype

9.11 VMware configuration script fails to run


10 3D-accelerated desktop

10.1 3D-accelerated desktop and video playback

Updated 27 September 2008

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